Saturday, January 2

Vintage Christmas Card for January 2, 2021

With Christmas past, you may wonder why I would choose to share a card that says Merry Christmas. It's because I know that not everyone celebrates their family Christmas on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I have friends who celebrated this weekend and that reminded me that when I was young, my friend Linda would celebrate on New Year's weekend. I like that idea of celebrating Christmas a week later. It makes the spirit of Christmas last longer. I'm keeping all my Christmas trees and decorations up so that the Christmas spirit lasts all through January. I'll be sharing Christmas cards through January 7th. Then I'm going to share one card each month on the 25th and keep the spirit of Christmas going all year long. <3

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My Christmas decorations will be up for a while, too. I try to get them down before Superbowl Sunday ;)

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