Wednesday, January 1

Happy New Year! 2014

Welcome to a new year...... 2014!!! I suppose this means that it's time to put away the Christmas decorations but I just can't "bear" to do it.............
And so........the tree and all the decorations are staying put until the end of the month. Oh, yes, they are. I'll take them down in time for Valentine's Day ........ maybe.  :-)
I am glad that a new year has begun and we can close the door on 2013. It was a rough year. This past Christmas was the first one when we went home to Iowa but there was no home to go as my mom has moved to the Care Center. I am glad she is so well-cared for at Grandview in Dayton. But, as we took our usual trip down Hwy 169 to visit her, it was with sadness that I looked out at the farms and towns we pass through and I thought of folks and Christmases past. I found myself just a wee bit melancholy but when we got to the Care Center, there was singing and Santa made an appearance and there were gifts, food and laughter so we were just making new and different memories. And so it goes. Life has it's stages and changes and it's ups and downs. And most of it is good so I cannot complain. We are blessed to have home, family and friends, food and warmth. Life is good. Here's wishing all of you all that is good in life. Look for the Joy in everything. That's my word for this year. It's been my "word of the year" before and it "bears" repeating!  I am going to focus on JOY all year long.......and I'll be keeping Christmas all year long, too. And, I guess, that if I was making a resolution, it would be that I would get back to regular blogging. It could happen!! In the meantime.......Happy, Happy New Year to all of you!
"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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