Sunday, May 14

Happy Mother's Day!

It's been a beautiful sunny weekend here in Minnesota. I picked up a sore throat flu bug, though, so I can't say it's been a "rosy" weekend. This morning, I was putting cotton balls dabbed with a bit of mineral oil in my ears because that's what my mother would do when I was a kid and had a sore throat and my ears hurt that's what she'd do to make it better. I doctor myself with cough drops and of course, there was Vick's Vaporub in use last night. All those things she did years ago, still seem to work today. Thanks goodness! Earlier today, I sounded like a frog and tonight I sound more like me. By tomorrow, I hope to feel even better!
So, with all those thoughts of my mom, I thought I'd share a photo that I've shared many times before. This one used to be the header for my blog until I had my son Devlin design a new one. You'll still find this one here on my blog under the heading for "Favorite Family Photo". And that is sure what this one is. These are the years that I so remember my mother sewing at her Kenmore sewing machine that sat in front of the window in our dining room. She made the dresses we are wearing in the photo and over the years she made everything from all our clothes to costumes for school plays, cheerleading outfits and wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. I sew because she sewed. In later years, I asked her when she taught me to sew. I only remember that I sewed doll clothes at a really young age. She couldn't remember either when she first started teaching me to sew. All we knew was that it was just sew.  ;-)

When it comes to my own kids, Collette and Devlin, this is one of my favorite photos of them taken in the late 1970's. They always enjoyed playing in the snow and we were fortunate that there were so many kids in our neighborhood. There was never a shortage of someone to play with or plan sleepovers with. We did lots of projects together when they were young and we all still enjoy doing projects together now that they're grown up. Makes me a Happy MOM!

Wishing all you Mother's a very happy day and to all of you, have a lovely Sunday!
"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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