Monday, September 29

Couldn't hang this on the line.........

Someone made this cute potholder set to hang on their kitchen wall. I couldn't hang it on the line because it just didn't show up well enough, so I laid it on a background piece. This treasure is a little item that I got for just $1.00 at the flea market at the Grand Opening of HeArt of Henderson.

When I saw it on the table, it caught my eye and I knew I was looking at a vintage piece of stitching! I flipped the potholders over and there were the marking lines for stitching that showed on the back of the pieces. The embroidery on this is quite nice. The potholders hang from snaps sewn onto a fabric covered piece of wood that has rings sewn on it for hanging. I just think this is adorable!

Here are some more photos from the opening of HeArt of Henderson, owned by friends Lisa Von Lehe and Sue Kraemer. If you live nearby, you must check out their shop! Look for this building on Main Street in Henderson............

For the Grand Opening this past Saturday, there were lots of tables full of goodies in the area behind the shop...........

I liked that pink horse........but I didn't buy it.  ;-)

Beautiful glass ornaments made by local artist Andrew Hunt...........

A box full of treasures......and I chose the little lady with packages and the brown salt and pepper set!

And if my husband wasn't allergic to cats, little Mable (the kitten in the upper right corner) would have come home with me. She was so sweet. The little boy who was giving away the kittens said that she was the best one in the group, that the little black kittens were too scared. His mom was selling items and he was there to try to find good homes for his kittens. Too cute......both the little boy and the kitten!

This old-time scythe reminded me of my grandpa using one of these long ago and of our neighbor, Harry Harrington using one. I can still see Harry using a scythe to cut down weeds up in his back yard. He was a short man and the scythe was almost taller than he was!

On my way home, I stopped at the library and turned toward Main Street and saw this. Walked down the street so I could get this photo. The fall colors are gorgeous this year!

And last thing of the day on Saturday was a stop at our church to put on the coffee for coffee hour after Sunday service. I was there right at noon so the carillion in the steeple was playing hymns. It is such a pretty sound. Makes me feel like I am in Europe when I hear them playing.

I've got a busy week ahead. I will be gathering up my quilts and deciding which ones to take home for the quilt show in Lehigh this coming weekend. Here's the scoop on the event.

I'll be leaving hubby and Kaiser the Wonder Beage at home to keep the "home fires burning" while I'm away. Looking forward to a fun weekend filled with quilts, visiting with my mother, brother and friends. Good way to start the week knowing what a great weekend is ahead!
Have a good Monday and a great week!

Monday, September 22

Oh, my, it has been awhile but finally......there is something "on the line"!

As is often the case.........the wind was blowing when I wanted to take photos. This was the best I could do when I was playing with my quilts this past Saturday morning. This is a "needs some TLC" quilt. The fans were appliqued on the green background and if there ever was any quilting around the fans, well, it is long gone. But still the quilt has charm. Every old quilt has charm!

I hung the quilt so that those who drove by on Saturday might see the quilt, along with a few others that I placed around the outside of the house. It was Heritage Days this past weekend and I was displaying quilts over at my friend Arlene's house and I wanted to share quilts outside, too. So, I hung quilts on the front porch railings and draped a couple over the lawn chairs.........

 and I hung a few quilts on the back deck railing. They kept blowing off even as I was hanging them!

At one point in the day, I looked over from Arlene's house and could see that all of the quilts had blown off the deck railing so I quickly called my husband and he performed quilt rescue. When I came home and took the quilts down, I discovered he had used a bungi cord to secure them. It was interesting but it worked.
Today, Monday, September 22nd is the first day of Autumn here in our area. I love Autumn and all it's glorious colors. This gorgeous cross-stitch quilt is a lovely compliment to that plump orange pumpkin. :-)

Here's wishing you a lovely day! I am looking forward to a great day of stitching with some wool-stitching friends. I have never met them but we have chatted in the Wool Applique Facebook group.happy Monday!

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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