Wednesday, May 1

Happy May Day!

Do you remember making May Baskets and taking them door-to-door to friends and neighbors?  I sure do and still love to do it!

Have been having some May Basket fun with paper cups, circles of fabric, chenille stems, ribbon and glue. I love crafting!  I made these after I went to Comfort First, a nearby assisted living facility and we made May Baskets. Residents and some volunteers enjoyed making the baskets and sharing some memories as we created over 30 baskets that were hung on doorknobs this morning. Here are the supplies I gathered and our work in progress. These were easy to make but I learned some things as we worked. I want to do a tutorial on this.....along with a gazillion other crafty projects. I will get to it one of these days!
I went with square pieces of fabric when we were making our May Baskets. When I got home, though, I was playing with left-over supplies and decided I should have done round circles. I like the look better although both are kinda cute.
 I started with styrofoam cups and then ran some glue around the outside upper edge. Then I turned the cup over and draped the square of fabric, then secured with a rubber band. This works best to set aside and then come back when the glue is set. We were working in a two hour time frame so didn't have time to wait for glue to set. Next step was to add the chenille stem handle (two chenille stems twisted together or braid three of them). Add a ribbon around the rubber band area. No need to remove the rubber band. You can add bows, flowers, buttons, anything decorative.
 Here are some of our finished May Baskets......
I'm already thinking of the May Baskets we'll make next year!  Have a lovely day!
"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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