Saturday, May 24


It has been many weeks since I posted to my blog. Lots of things kept me away but finally today, I thought......I'm going to post to my blog!  After I finished up the laundry, I decided to go out and plant some flowers. I did my porch boxes last weekend and today, I filled pots for my little red wagon. And I added a bow to this awesome vintage lawn mower that my brother brought me in late April. I love the sound it makes! Takes me back to the days when I was a kid and neighbor, Harry Harrington would mow his lawn, and then my Aunt Bell's grass. She lived next door to us. Harry also had a big garden and wonderful flowers! I only wish that I would have a bit of his "green thumb"!

I've really enjoyed an event that began several weeks ago when I had my husband hang our spring wreath next to our front door. It wasn't long before a Mama and Papa Robin moved in and began making a nest. This is the photo when I discovered the eggs! The next day there was a fourth egg!

And here's Mama sitting on those babies...........

And here are those hungry babies today, just waiting for McSnacks provided by Mama and Papa Robin!

It was such a lovely day that I got that craving for ice cream so I made myself a treat and one for Kaiser, too......
He ate his in about three quick bites!!
And so, it's the end of a lovely day and hopefully tomorrow will be much of the same. I will head out to Lehigh, Iowa, my hometown so that I can help my brother with the Memorial Remembrance serve on Monday. Kaiser and my husband, Steve, will be holding down the fort here and won't even miss me. My husband will be watching racing non-stop. Probably won't even know I'm gone. ;-)
I've been doing a bit of stitching and drawing some new block designs for a Christmas project. Also doing a lot of volunteering and church projects. Will share some photos in the coming days. Have a lovely weekend!

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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