Monday, March 14

What's on the line?

Tis a wee bit o' good luck hanging on my line today! Since it will soon be time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I knew just the quilt I wanted to share.

It's called "A Wee Bit Irish" and that describes me to a "T". :-)  Several years ago, I got involved in helping with our Linn Family Reunion. Thanks to my cousin Charlotte's genealogy work, we learned that our ancestors came here from Ireland and Scotland in the early 1800's............and so, I am a "wee bit Irish"!! 
I never knew our heritage when I was growing up. When we were asked to do school reports on our heritage, I just figured we might be Scandinavian because Linn was my maiden name. It seemed like it might be a name that had been shortened.  I was so pleasantly surprised when we learned that our great great grandfather had come from Ireland. When I sing, some folks tell me I have an "Irish lilt" in my voice. I think that's nice. Sometimes I'm full of blarney, too.  :-)   But here's the truth......this is another of the little quilts I made in 2000 to celebrate that long ago Millennium. Not sure you can tell from the picture but the piece is hand-quilted in gold thread. The center shamrock is done in fusible applique. The little quilt measures 22 inches square. And the scenery behind that quilt is lush green from last fall. However, we could hit 50 degrees by the end of the week and so spring may be just around the corner. Once that snow is gone, I can get back to the line and share some big quilts. I only have a few photos left that I took last fall, so I need to have that snow melt away!!! 
Be sure to stop by on Wednesday. I have a little giveaway I'll be posting that day. You might just want to see what I will have to share. :-) 
And in answer to my blogging question.......a big thank you to Debbie and Astrid who both offered me the advice to update from "old editor" in blogger to the "new editor" format. That was all it took and I can cut and paste once again. Thank you so much for your help!!!!!
Here's to a good Monday to everyone!!


Pat said...

Ah...being my name is Patricia, I appreciate that you are a wee-bit Irish and that you are showing us this pretty shamrock quilt you made! I'm glad your Blogger issues have been cleared up for you.

Crispy said...

Cute Quilt and very appropriate for the day :0) So glad your computer issues are healed.


Barbara said...

Very nice! St. Pat's Day is special in our house too. If I had this quilt, I'd bring it out and have a very hard time calling it a "Wee Bit Irish". To me, it's a LOT Irish!

Beth said...

My Mom's family name is McNamara so we love the wearin of the green on St Pat's day.
Love your little quilt.

Needled Mom said...

It is lovely, Sandi. I am actually about 1/4 Irish so I have always loved the feast day.

I did hear where your temperatures could soar this week - about time, no?

Anonymous said...

Hurray! I'm with you...I want that green grass and the trees to green up, and temps to rise! Love your shamrock quilt, and can't wait to see the others when you put them on the line.
Jacque in SC

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