Sunday, May 1

Happy May Day!!

Today is May 1st and so I must wish you all a very Happy May Day!!  I was hoping to design a new May Basket for you but things are very busy here at our house and I just didn't have time to do that. Sooooooo.....I went back to last May when I shared this May Basket..........

and if you gather up some supplies, you can quickly make one of these and go hang it on a neighbor's door before the sun sets today!! Don't forget to fill it with candy treats or a little bouquet of flowers!
Just go here to see all the different ways you can decorate this little treat and for instructions to make it, just go here for PartOne and here for PartTwo.
Oh, how I loved making May Baskets and delivering them to my friend's houses.  I wish I could be a kid again for just one day and enjoy that sweet time!
Have a great day everyone!


Diane H said...

Happy May Day to you, Sandi!

Cheryl said...

Happy May Day to you too!

Pat said...

When you first told me about this last year (or the year before??), I thought it sounded like such fun. I've never lived anywhere that folks did that. :(

Needled Mom said...

So cute, Sandi. You can hang it on my door anyday.

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