Saturday, March 26

Swapping Pincushions and Mug Rugs, too!!

If you are a quilter/crafter/stitcher, you know that swaps are great fun! The first swap that I ever participated in was in the Crazy About Pincushions Yahoo group. I think that was sometime in 2008. It was like being "Secret Pals", something my mother and her friends used to do. I've been in quite a few swaps since then and I keep telling more swap, then that's it. LOL!! may see a lot of "one more swaps" before I finally stop swapping. :-) And here's one right now.......another pincushion swap in the CAPC Yahoo group.  My partner was Patti from New Mexico and here are the goodies she sent me. The theme was strawberries. She made me that plump little strawberry pincushion and a needlebook to match (from PatSloan's recent pattern) and she tucked in other goodies, too!! I loved it all!!!

Above you can see a close-up of the pincushion and the needlebook (pattern is here).

And here is what I sent to Patti. I made a gingham strawberry and a matching needlecase and tucked in needles and some extra strawberry buttons that she might want to use with the strawberry fabric that I used to wrap up all the goodies. That little polka dot strawberry is a lucky find at the Dollar Tree store. Open it up and pull out the bag inside and you can fill it with fabric when you are out shopping!

Here's a close-up of my strawberry. It's plump and firm and is stuffed with crushed walnut shells (otherwise known as lizard bedding at local pet stores). I'm going to share a tutorial on this little project when I celebrate my blog anniversary at the end of May. It will be just the perfect way to kick off summer!!!

My strawberry pincushion swap wasn't the only good thing that came in the mail this past week. I was also "gifted" with an unexpected mug rug and goodies. It came from Renita in Florida. She's in my Seasons BOM Yahoo group.  Members of the group have recently been chatting about those mug rugs that are popping up on blogs everywhere and sharing links to various tutorials. The more we chatted, the more the conversation turned to swapping mug rugs. And so I set up a swap and away we went!  A few of us in the group had also swapped mug rugs in Michele's Quilting Gallery Swap and knew how much fun it was so I'm sure that had something to do with the excitement for these cute little projects!  Renita sent me this cute cat mug rug with his green button eyes and a mug to match them and hot cocoa, too. Those socks are so cute. So, what do you think ...... should I wear them with my black patent leather heels for Easter Sunday?  Hmmm, maybe not. :-) 
Thanks, Renita for sending me a mug rug "just because". You see Renita isn't even my partner. She just sent me these goodies "just because" she has fun sharing and enjoys our group. I still have a mug rug coming from a member of the group!!! I love looking forward to the arrival of the mail.
And that reminds me.......I got an e-mail today that my dies have shipped for my GO! Baby and I expect them sometime early next week. I am ready to GO! and get a project made with that little Baby. :-)
Well, that's enough for this post. I finished up a wooly project yesterday that I'll share with you next week. Have a good weekend everyone and I'll see you on Monday with "What's on the line?"


Pat said...

Cute pincushions and other goodies! Yay for news that the dies are on the way. You'll have a lot of fun when they arrive...I'm sure! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as I know it's Dorothy's service...and I hope yesterday's service went well with you singing. Oh, it just dawned on me that maybe the weather has affected both of those services...gosh, I sure hope not.

Barbara said...

Such cute swaps, I should get involved in some myself. It looks like a lot of fun!

Needled Mom said...

What wonderful pincushions! I love the great needlecase and that adorable mug rug.

Yes...those socks will be a hit with your Easter bonnet!! I want a picture of that.

Karen said...

The strawberry pincushions caught my eye. The one looks like it is made with wool and has designs on the side. So pretty.

Unknown said...

Every thing is this post was awesome. Thanks for sharing it with us. I am so in love with your kitty mug rug... Cute very Cute ;)

Beth said...

Such cute things you got in the mail and such cute things you sent out.
The strawberry (well both of them) are just sooo cute.
Love your kitty mug rug.

Latane Barton said...

Everything is coming up strawberries. Very cute swap.

A Plain Path said...

Fun and cute!! I've done a couple swaps now and I think I'm addicted. Love it!

Patti L. said...

Thank you for posting my swap to you! I have never been "posted" before. LOL! I love swapping and this one was wonderful. I found today as a free pattern, a strawberry needlecase. I may have to wip up a few of these cuties. Thanks again Sandi. It was a great swap and you were a great buddy.

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