Sunday, March 20

Spring has arrived!

Yes, according to the calendar, Spring has officially arrived! 
And, that means that in just about a month, we'll see my favorite spring flower......

These aren't flowers from my garden.  I don't have any flower beds yet. We were going to do some landscaping last spring, but other projects got done instead. This spring, there may finally be some flowers in my yard and then I won't have to go to the neighbor's yard to take pictures of flowers for my blog. :-)  Oh, well, at least I don't have to go to the neighbor's yard for the clothesline where I hang my quilts! A soft rain fell last night, so the snow is disappearing quickly. I would say in two weeks, the snow will all be gone and the path will be clear to the backyard and my clothesline!  Hmmm......wondering what quilt I will share "on the line" tomorrow.......
In the meantime..........hope you are enjoying a lovely day wherever you are and whatever the season in your corner of the world!
(And if you are wondering if I celebrated National Quilting Day yesterday..........yes, I did. Played with fabric while I did laundry and listened to tunes!)


Pat said...

Our crocuses have opened and are done now and most of our daffodils have opened. I didn't have much luck with the tulips I'd planted.....only get a few. :( I'll be glad when cold is totally gone now....but it's still taking some shots at us here.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

We're hoping all that snow will be gone when we return from AZ late Tuesday! I would never have made it to my clothesline for the last four months~

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