Monday, February 22

Meeting the Kindred Kwilters!

Last Thursday evening, I was the speaker/program for the Kindred Kwilters group in nearby LeSueur, MN. I was asked to teach a little project in woolfelt. I decided the time was right to share the pattern for my little Spring penny rugs. I have had enough of winter and I thoroughly enjoyed gathering lots of pretty pastels for the project.
While the group held their business meeting, I set up all the supplies and samples. You can see some of the little egg-shaped penny rugs (made them back in 2005/2006). I had pre-cut the egg and background pieces to save time. Everyone could pick the color they preferred, then it was over to my scrap basket to choose colors for a flower or a bunny, etc. Some of you may recognise the designs on the penny rugs as they are based on the little Spring Egg pin that we did last spring in my Wooly Buddies group. :-) I have not put the pennies into pattern format although for the workshop that night, I made up a pattern page for everyone. There are sixteen different designs. :-) I set out my boxes of embroidery floss so they could choose the colors needed for their project.
Then it was time to start cutting and stitching. Everyone said they enjoyed the project and since we chatted and laughed a lot, that is always a good sign. :-)
There was even more chatting and laughter when it came time for Show 'n Tell. However, I must apologize to some of the members. They allowed me to take pictures and had no problem if I posted them to my blog so I took lots of photos. Unfortunately, I am better at stitching than at taking photos. So, I have posted the best ones and hope that you enjoy these.

I loved this little heart quilt and if you double-click on the photo you can see the neat quilting detail in the hearts. I must also apologize because I can't remember most of the members names. The room went from ooohs and aaaahs over the hearts to awesome laughter at this Snowman quilt. He has a "3-D" carrot nose. It was soooooooo cute.

This quilt top was just beautiful. Everyone gave the name of the pattern used but in addition to not taking good photos, I also wasn't taking notes.
I've seen this pattern but can't recall the designer.

This was the night for sharing their "Challenge" projects and there were a lot of really neat projects. The challenge fabric that they all had to use is what you see in the squares in these stars. The other challenge was that you had to use a star in your quilt design. I really liked both of these projects.

The quilter in the picture above, also made this "Quilt Diva" wallhanging (designed by Amy Butler). There was so much beautiful applique work done on this piece. It was really amazing! You can imagine that there was a lot of laughter when everyone saw this quilt. :-)

I was invited to join their group and am seriously considering it. Especially after this quilter shared her story. She was one of at least three - I think it was three - quilters who misplaced their challenge fabric. Everyone laughed about this and I knew this was a group that I could feel comfortable in. I am amazed how often I can misplace a project and have it not show up for days or weeks. Yep, I loved this aspect of the group. LOL!
All kidding aside, this was a beautiful tablerunner!

And this one really showcases the "Challenge" fabric that was used. They were all really lovely!

You'll need to double-click on this one to see the pretty butterflies that have been machine quilted into the squares. I just loved this quilt! It really makes me thing SPRING!

One of the last quilts to be shared was this little log cabin work of art. It's maker shared that a great deal of the hand-stitching on the blocks was done by an elderly friend and so it's a treasure to her. You can see by the look on her face, just how much the quilt means to her.
Yes, it was a wonderful night of Show'n Tell, a fun workshop and delicious treats. And, yes, I really do plan to join the group. I love the name they chose - Kindred Kwilters. And everyone was so friendly and they all had so much fun, plus, it's just a seven mile drive from my house. Winter is on it's way out.......... I hope........... and spring can't be too far away so how many more snowstorms can keep us homebound? We shall see. :-) I'll be sending my check for dues and hope to make it to their March meeting. Then I'll be a Kindred Kwilter, too. :-)
Happy Monday!


Ida13 said...

How funny you are! My favs are the quilt in black with tulip and the table runner.

julieQ said...

How nice of you to have all the samples of wool ready to stitch...I bet the ladies had a ball! Very fun quilt show, by the way.

Screen Door said...

Looks like fun....

annemarie said...

I absolutely love the Easter penny rugs - and the quilts are all so beautiful. Will you be posting the Easter patterns?

joanne lendaro said...

thanks for sharing all of the great pictures, what a great group. The penny rugs were adorable, love the spring theme!

Crispy said...

How wonderful to find a group of ladies that are such a good fit. Of course I'm pretty darn sure you would fit in anywhere :0)

Thank you for the eye candy this morning.


Pat said...

That looks like the perfect group for you to join. I'm glad you had such a nice time with them. I'm sure they loved working on your wool-felt designs, too.

Owl Lady said...

The penny rug designs are a welcome sign of spring. We have many schools canceled again, not deep snow, but ice over snow over ice.
I am sure you will be an asset to the Kindred Kwilters and will enjoy being with them.

luv2quilt2 said...

That looks like such a wonderful group. I know you'll fit right in.

CieAngel said...

Oh I love the Easter Penny rugs. and those quilts are really pretty. you will love belonging to a guild. it's so much fun.

Barb said...

Looked like everyone was having such a fun time and what fun projects you had for them. Loved seeing all of the quilts...thanks!!

Jandi said...

Thank you for sharing Sandy! What a talented group! And thank you so much for noticing the typo on my header. I was using new software and it took me several attempts to get it right....but obviously I actually didn't... LOL

MandMStudio said...

Lovely quilts:)

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