Thursday, May 21

Have you any Wool?

If you don't then all you have to do is stop at Bittersweet in Winnebago, MN. It's a little shop that sits on Main Street/Hwy. 169 South and you will find flowers, fabric, and wool. What more could you want? When I returned from visiting my mother in Iowa a few weeks ago, I had just enough time to stop at the shop and still make it home in time to pick up Kaiser from the Vet/kennel. It was a quick stop but I found a charm pack so that I can make another table runner like the one that you can see in my TeaAndStitches blog. When I made the first one, it was an experiment. I want to do it again and I'll make it a tutorial that I can offer to all of you. :-) Anyway, if you are traveling in southern Minnesota, don't miss this little shop or a couple other nice little places that you find in Winnebago.

This shop is not the only shop by the name of Bittersweet that I enjoy visiting. Right here in Henderson, you'll find Bittersweet Coffee and Gifts and tomorrow, I'll be dropping off a different quilt that they'll be displaying in the back dining area. Take a peek here and you can see the first quilt that I shared. I'll take a photo of the one that's there now and of the new one that will go up and share them tomorrow evening.

I keep forgetting to post a picture of a gift that I received from one of my Wooly Buddies members but not tonight.......finally, I remembered!! Wooly Buddy Kaye sent me this cute little wooly sheep wall-hanging and I just want to say "Thank You, Kaye!!!" He looks great hanging in my sewing room!
Now, I was going to take some pictures of quilts on the line but the wind was blowing soooooooo hard here in Minnesota that it was impossible to hang any quilts on the line. Instead, I spent the day cleaning the closet and sorting quilty stuff in my pink bedroom. So, how windy was it? Well, it's trash day and my husband put out the trash and recycling and I looked out to see the recycling blowing down the street. I tried to run out and gather it up and got frustrated because I was supposed to be at the clinic for a 9:30 appointment. I left him to gather it all up. He repositioned the containers and nothing blew away until the garbage man came by with his truck and the containers were empty. I look out and the garbage can, yes, our large garbage can is blowing down the street. So, out I go to retrieve the thing and as I'm wheeling it home, I nearly get blown over and have to hang on to the mailbox to stay standing. My neighbor Jerry saw this so he would vouch for my tall tale! :-) Way too windy and way too hot for this time of year in Minnesota. Finally the winds died down tonight and a chance of rain is moving in and I hope it comes because .......................

And that's what a good rain does. I made this little quilt a few years ago. It's from a booklet called "Forget-Me-Nots" from Country Threads with designs by Tammy Johnson. It's just done in fusible applique in some favorite fabrics and also hangs in my sewing room. Well, usuallly it does, but I just loaned it to my friend Pandora for a June quilting event that she will be hosting. More on that soon. More catching up photos and stuff coming tomorrow night. You'll finally get to see a "Firefly". Hmmm........wonder what that could mean?
Have a really good day!!


pdudgeon said...

oh that looks like my kind of shop, especially with a 'greenhouse open' sign along with the fabric! you have such lovely stores in your neck of the woods!

Pat said...

Seems like a really cute shop. I have to admit I laughed at the picture in my mind of you nearly blowing down the street!!! I think YOU have OUR warm weather, so please send it back here where it belongs, okay?

Crispy said...

It's been blowing here too but not as hard as at your place. Very good mental visual of you hanging on to a mail box LOL.

Hmmmm a firefly quilt...wonder what it looks like....


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thanks for telling me about the shop in Winnebago - I'm going to stop there. I love your forget-me-not stitchery - so cute. Yes, we NEED rain!

Micki said...

The shop looks so nice and I love that sheep wallhanging.

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