Wednesday, July 16

Quilts at Bittersweet Cafe......

Located on Main Street in Henderson is a wonderful little establishment called "Bittersweet Cafe" owned by Lisa Steinborn. She makes the best soup and sandwiches, oh, and coffee and such, too! Back in March, I asked Lisa, if she would like to have a quilt to hang in the back area of her fine establishment. She was thrilled and so I took her the quilt that is pictured below. It's a bow tie quilt and by the fabrics used, I suspect it's from the early 1950's. The quilt was bought at auction in Boone, Iowa by my mother and dad and I bought it from them. I love it!
Before I took the quilt to Lisa last winter, I thought I should take a photo of it and that was when I discovered a funny thing. Sometimes through the camera lens we see things that aren't so obvious to our own eyes. That was the case here. As I looked through the lens, I noticed that one block was turned the opposite of all the other bow ties. You can see it if you look carefully. It's in the sixth row down on the right and the second block in - turgoise and plaid! (You can click on the photo to enlarge.) Now do you suppose that the quilter who made the quilt did that on purpose? Many a quilter knows that there were quilters who purposely turned a block so as not to make a "perfect" quilt because it was believed only God was perfect. I have a bad habit of turning blocks by accident or cutting them wrong, so I have to do a little fudging and I certainly never have to worry about making a "perfect" quilt!
Anyway, today I went to Bittersweet to take Lisa a different quilt, a pretty Dresden plate with a scalloped edge and bound with a soft orange cotton binding. Every couple of months I'll bring her another old quilt to hang, so if you're passing through Henderson stop in and have lunch, then check out the quilt on the back wall!

There's not been much time to sew these last few days because I have been so busy with the "Sew and Share" project, but I do try to squeeze in a little embroidery work each night. Time for some right now! I was hoping for a little rain and thunder to accompany my stitching and to water the garden tonight but I don't think it will happen. Perhaps it will rain tomorrow and that will be fine. I am done taking pictures to post on the "Sew and Share" blog so I don't need the sun tomorrow! I'm off to stitch now.
Night all!..................

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