Saturday, December 4

A Crazy Quilting Christmas Potluck!

If there is one thing that most quilter's do well, aside from quilting, it's food. :-) That is certainly the case with our Scott County Crazy Quilter's group. We have a picnic potluck at the end of August and then the first Thursday in December we have our annual Christmas Potluck. We have been meeting since January of 2000. We do food, friendship and stitching and love every minute of it! We met this past Thursday and I thought I'd share our fun with you. And if you live anywhere near Shakopee, MN and you think you'd like to join our fun, just e-mail me for info (you can also call the Scott County Historical Society for info at 952-445-0378).

We were a happy group that night. Smiling on the left is Judith and on the right is Deanna. When we first began meeting Judith was the Education Manager at the Scott County Historical Society. She works at the Minnesota Historical Society now. Deanna was Manager of Education programs at Murphy's Landing and I met her in the early 1990's. Shortly after that I began volunteering there and the quilting aspect was a huge part of what I loved about stepping back in time at the Landing. When it came time for a fundraising project, I suggested a crazy quilt and the project was really fun and a successful fundraiser. We enjoyed crazy quilting and wanted to continue the fun so we began meeting at the Scott County Historical Society. If I had never met Judith and Deanna, I would missed a lot of fun in my life. :-)
When I took this photo, we were all enjoying raspberry-rhubarb pie that Judith brought. Notice also there were some of my cookies on the table and Deanna brought the delicious little cherry tarts in that pretty antique dish. No wonder they are smiling!
In the photo below.....that's Sharon on the left, Carol in the middle and Laura on the right. I met Carol when she came to the first program I did on Crazy Quilting at SCHS and you all may recognise my friends, Sharon and Laura. Met them when they took classes from me about ten years ago. Wow, how time flies when we are having quilty fun!!
Notice the deviled eggs in this photo. Carol is famous for these. She now knows she is expected to bring these to every food event we have. :-) Laura brought her crab salad that is so good and Sharon brought coconut macaroons that she bought because she admits that she isn't a very good cook. The chicken rice dish that I brought in my crockpot rounded out our festive meal. And so, of course, there were more smiles. :-)
Then came the annual ornament exchange. Four of us participated this year. If you bring an ornament, your name goes in the drawing and you get to pick a gift bag with an ornament in it. Interestingly............
Laura got what I brought - on the right..........and I got the ornament that Laura brought.

I didn't make the tiny teddy but I did wrap the little package and I have a way of weaving a thin-cut strip of ribbon to make the little bows on the packages for this and lots of other ornaments and projects that I make. The little bird is from a trip to Finland. When cleaning in my craft things last week, I discovered a dozen little shapes that I remember buying on a trip in 1994. Every tree needs a little birdie. :-) I have a thing for snowmen and picked Laura's gift bag because it had a snowman on the outside and as you can see.....on the inside, too!

Deanna got the ornament that Judith made - on the left .........and Judith got the smocked ornament kit from Deanna. She did all the smocking and Judith can personalize the ornament with her stitches. Judith makes an ornament every year and this year it was a Crazy Quilting Snowlady. She's a treasure and I love that bow in her snowy hair. :-)

One last photo.........proof that I was there, too, and that I also was smiling. Do you get the feeling we have a good time together? And we don't just eat and party, we actually do stitch or do some other handwork. Laura was doing some blanket stitch on applique blocks and Sharon and Judith were knitting. Carol was beginning an applique project and Deanna was crocheting. I have to be honest, though.........I brought no sewing. Kinda forgot, actually. I brought all the supplies and stuff and then stopped at the dentist on my way to the potluck and that was when I realized, I hadn't brought any hand-sewing. That's a first for me! It will also be the last time I'll do that! Now remember........if you live nearby and want to join our fun, just e-mail me. :-)
I'm happy to say that my tree is finally up and has brand-new lights on it. Check it out here . Later today, I'll add the ornaments. Just taking things one day at a time. :-)


Pat said...

It sure does look like a happy group. You had fun in spite of forgetting to bring your handwork, too, I see.

Crispy said...

Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time. If it was me I would have forgotten the crock pot but remembered my sewing LOL.


Jacquelynne said...

I think the first line of your post says it all... We DO do food well, don't we??

Needled Mom said...

It looks like such fun. I almost wish that I lived closer to join the fun, but that snow and cold would be the death of me. LOL

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You are a party group Sandi and your blog looks so festive too!

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