Wednesday, August 18

Tired Grandma :-)

That's right.........I was one tired Grandma after my grandson went home. LOL! We had a lot of fun and we were busy the entire time he was here. His visit started on Thursday and I can't say he had the most exciting time that day, but he got to go along when I took Kaiser to the vet. Kaiser is having allergy problems again so we had to go for a shot and then he's got something wrong with his leg, too.
On Friday morning, we enjoyed a visit to the Henderson Library. Jacob loves to go there. It's small and he can wander the aisles and I can sit in a rocking chair and read so I enjoyed the visit, too.
We always make a project and if you go here you can see what we made. I should warn you that there are tunes on our project page so you might want to turn off your sound. Jacob picked them and they are rockin'. :-)
Jacob was my official helper for drawing winning names for prizes for my Yahoo group. He enjoyed this alot and would have happily drawn more winning names if I had more prizes to give. :-)
We enjoyed ice cream at Toody's, watched a movie, worked on a puzzle and even spent some time in the basement when stormy weather threatened. Sunday, though, was beautiful so we tried to play croquet.............
I say "tried" because we played before Steve cut the grass and should have done it after he cut the grass. We had fun anyway. Jacob offered Kaiser a chance to play.........
He wasn't interested but managed to wrap himself around those two trees (in the background) three times while we played. He has to be on a leash because he's a beagle with a busy nose. LOL!
Jacob also loves to play games on the computer and while he did that, I worked on another little project made from the Quilt Minnesota fabrics.............

I got all the blocks sewn together before I took Jacob home and tomorrow I'll finish it. Yesterday, I just did laundry and a little reading. When we were at the library, I picked up Earlene Fowler's latest quilting mystery, "State Fair". It's going to be hard to put down, I can just tell.......... :-) I also put the finishing details on a pincushion swap project that I am participating in over at QuiltingGallery. I took pictures and that's what will be in my post tomorrow. Busy day ahead with another trip to the vet for Kaiser, and then an afternoon of finishing the "winter blues" and writing the pattern instructions. The stitching part is so much fun, but that writing part is work. :-)

Have a good day!



Pat said...

I'm sure Jacob just loves being with you. We have a rainy day today, so Jessi and I will be doing "inside" activities. We did a puzzle the other day..might buy a new one as she did well with this one and it's the biggest one she's worked on yet. I can relate to the "tired grandma" you mentioned. LOL

Sunny said...

Your grandson looks about the same age as mine. I love spending time with him, as the other grands are mostly grown up. M loves to come to our house, and while they were away this summer on vacation, he called several times to say how much he missed us. BTW, M also loves quilts and anything to do with bright colors. Grands are so much fun!

quiltingnana said...

spending time with grandchildren is so special..and you are right..tiring. Glad you had a great time

Crispy said...

I bet Jacob had a wonderful visit with Gramma!! They can be a challenge to keep entertained. It's wonderful that he loves going to the library, I love to see children reading :0)


Needled Mom said... you were tired with all that you two did. It is a great experience for both of you.

Your pillows are wonderful. I especially like the "wild" fabrics in the second one.

Winona said...

Sandi, I loved reading about your visit with Jacob. I am glad you two enjoy each others' company so much. I hope Kaiser feels better soon. Have a good day. Winona

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

How fun. I'm really learning what it is to be a grandmother.

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