Friday, February 12

Good things stuffed in the mailbox!

A few days ago, I received two packages in the mail on the same day. They were chock-full packages that my mailman managed to stuff into my mailbox. It was slippery outside and I think he didn't want to have to walk up my driveway. I decided to make a trip to the store for milk so that I could pull up to the mailbox on my way back. I don't think I've ever known a winter when I felt so vulnerable due to the ice that is under the snow that falls every few days. I could hardly wait to get into the house to open the packages. I was expecting one of them but had forgotten that the other one was on it's way.
The tan package came from Laxmi in England. We were swap partners in a pincushion swap on the CAPC yahoo group. We each made little heart pincushions to send to each other (pattern is a Better Homes & Gardens design by Roseanne Kermes) as did all others in the swap. Then little valentine themed gifts were added and I enjoyed them all. The chocolate is long gone, though. :-) Thanks, Laxmi!!

The other package contained this cute bag from blogging friend, Cleary. She sent it to me as a gift, sort of a thank you because she enjoyed the recent "virtual retreat" that I hosted in my Wooly Buddies group.

She filled the bag with goodies, too!
One of the neatest little things in the bag was that blue round thing you can see in the middle of the photo. It's one of those things that when you look through it you see multiple images of whatever you are looking at. My kids had them but this one is consider a quilter's gadget as it gives you an idea of what one quilt block would look like as a quilt just by viewing that block through this little blue thing. I should have kept the card and I could tell you what it's called. LOL!

Thanks, Cleary for a great bag and lots of fun goodies.
I have to come up with a goodie package for a "Pay it forward" project that I signed up for on the "Needled Mom's" blog. I wonder could it be you that I will send a package to..............
It could happen. :-)

That's all for now.


Pat said...

What fun for you to get packages. If anyone deserves them, it's you!!!

Crispy said...

Oooo great packages!! Nothin' better than squishies in the mail :0)


luv2quilt2 said...

What great packages to lighten the mood on a snowy day!

Needled Mom said...

What fun packages you received! t is always so exciting to sit down and open them.

Take care on that slippery ice. I would be walking with the same care as you, I'm sure. We don't fall as beautifully as a child anymore! lol

Karen said...

The best mail days are when the mailman brings you fun packages. I got a yard of fabric in my mailbox yesterday. A good day.

Judy C said...

Oh what fun, don't you just love getting packages. What are the little bunnies in the bottom picure?

CieAngel said...

I'm so glad you got everything. I had so much fun picking them out for you.
A Pay It Forward Swap, I love those I've been in two of them but no one ever answered my posts so they didn't go anywhere. I just figured life got to busy for them.
Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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