Saturday, February 27

The final day of "Quilts in Bloom".......

As you have seen in the photos from Pandora's "Quilts in Bloom" show, she has beautiful gardens!! While I have mentioned that she has a "green thumb", it takes more than that to take care of all her lovely flora and fauna. :-) You can see her watering the plants "just right".........
She tends them so carefully, just like she does her family, her friends, and her two dogs. She had this wonderful idea to open up her yard and use it to raise funds so that others could be cared for and I think that is just lovely. I know, as do my quilting friends, that she is a treasure!
I had to take a picture of these lovely pink flowers as they reminded me of a little bush called "Flowering Almond" that grew outside our dining room window when I was a kid.

And this one made me think of an umbrella!

In addition to quilts on display, there was also a beautiful selection of original artwork.

I had wandered around in the backyard amongst the quilts for more almost two hours. Everytime I turned around, something new caught my eye. The quilts in these two photos, one above and one below, were all hung across the front yard.

And my favorite among them, is "Midnight Garden" on the left in the photo above. Pandora made this one, but friends Sue and Kate have also made it. I have started block one of this quilt but I reduced all the patterns so that I can make it in miniature.

That's the end of the quilts.......but I made one last stop at the table with all the jewelry. It was all just so lovely!

So, I promised that I would have info for you on the date for 2010 and here it is.....
"Quilts In Bloom"
June 12, 2010
9 AM-3 PM
Hopkins, MN
To see the video that has been prepared for this event just click here . Quilts in the background of the video are from the 2008 event.

I have really enjoyed sharing these photos! I was reminded what a lovely event it was and how it helped others. I think it even helped some of you get through this wintery weather. I know that it helped me to get through this very cold gloomy week. Tomorrow our temps are going to rise into the 30's and there will be sun!! Spring is coming, I just know it!!
Have a good weekend!


Barb said...

That post was enough to cheer up any kind of day....totally wonderful....enjoyed it immensly!!

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

thank you so very very much for sharing this wonderful set of posts with us, Made my heart bloom with it all. I hope they raised a lot of money.

Pieced Pastimes said...

Flowers and Quilts - how can you not love that! Thanks for the inspirational picture show.

TricĂ´ e Artes da Minie said...

Beautiful landscape! Beautiful artwork! Thank you for sharing.

Kiss, Mi.

Crispy said...

Thank you so much Sandi for bringing us all such a wonderful quilt show and to remind us that summer will actually come...some day :0)


Pat said...

I'm sorry to see the show end here.....but it was terrific while it lasted! Thanks for taking the time to post all these photos for us. Is the Midnight Garden pattern still available anyplace? I'd enjoy doing that in a miniature version, too. VERY striking to see those flowers on the black background.

Owl Lady said...

I have enjoyed seeing and reading these summery posts as winter hangs on for what I hope will be its last visit this year.

Rae Ann said...

Thanks for the wonderful quilt show. Loved it all!

Needled Mom said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt show. I surely wished that I lived closer so I could attend this years event.

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