Saturday, October 31

Just had to say..........

H A L L O W E E N !!!
Here in Minnesota it is cold and windy so that means leaves scattering and windy noises for a spooky night! I loved Halloween as a kid. Still enjoy it and hope that little kids will ring my bell as I have candy ready for them!
There's another test scheduled for my mom on Monday afternoon. She's actually feeling pretty well and staying with my sister who lives in Iowa City. After Monday's test, we will know what treatment option there will be and then "move forward". Remember those words from my post of a few days ago? I no longer try to "catch up"........I just keep "moving forward"...... and it works!!
Thanks for your kind words and prayers. They are greatly appreciated.
Enjoy this day and the evening, then savor that extra hour when it comes round. ;-)


Kaye said...

Am praying for good results, keep the faith

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hope all turns out well for your mother. I've found that catching up is just too overwhelming, so I like your idea of moving forward. I'm going to work on that!


julieQ said...

Hope all turns out as well as possible!

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