Sunday, November 1

The Day after Halloween........

and the Trick or Treater's have come and gone! There were no tricks, only a lot of kids having fun gathering candy and treats. I always enjoy the younger kids in their costumes but the group that was having the most fun was a group of about ten young girls who were probably in their early teens. They reminded me of a slumber party I had when I was a freshman in High School and how much fun my friends and I had that year on Halloween!

I didn't carve a real pumpkin but had pumpkin shaped candles that glowed in the dining room and kids could see them when they arrived to ring the bell. Then there was this trio in the photo above that were shining in the kitchen. I love the glow of candles and got the smell of pumpkin by using scented tealights (a thoughtful gift from my daughter!). It was a nice evening and I enjoyed every ring of the doorbell!

Today, I decided to pack all the Halloween stuff away but will give you one last glimpse of Halloween at my house. I've shown you several of my miniature gift boxes in the past and almost forgot to share the ones I made for Halloween. Soooooooo, here they are.......little pumpkins, ghosts and candy bars made from Fimo clay, wrapped candy bars created from magazine ads, and tiny "Trick or Treat" bags that I drew and then colored that are filled with tiny treats. Everything is scaled 1"= 1'. The largest box is about 8-9" tall and the tiniest one is about 2" tall. This series was done in 1991 and earned a Blue Ribbon at the Scott County Fair. :-)

Just one last picture to's Kaiser, our beagle. He's wearing his favorite "costume".........his blue blanket that he must be covered with when he goes to sleep. Yep, he's a spoiled dog. He looks so funny when the blanket sticks to him because of static and he walks around like he's wearing a robe or something. LOL!
On Monday there will finally be some answers regarding health issues for my mom and a decision will be made for a treatment plan. When I post next time, I should know more what the next few weeks will hold.
Have a good Monday!!


Ida13 said...

This dog! :):)

Kaye said...

I am still saying prayers for Her. Those boxes are sooo adorable. Sandi you are truly gifted.

Pat said...

You are SO talented with making those mini's. I truly wish I could see them in person and really get time to look them over closely. I've always loved mini's and marvel at the detail in them...and yours are SUPER. I'm glad you enjoyed Halloween there. Keeping your mom in prayers that the best treatment plan is chosen for her.

knitwit said...

Your miniatures are wonderful Sandi, thanks for sharing them with us.
Kaiser like most of our pets is quite the character.
Hope the treatment for your Mum brings good results.

Owl Lady said...

More cute things from you, our talented leader, and more prayers going out for your mother.

Crispy said...

Those are so cute!! Animals are so silly LOL.


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