Friday, June 12

A Wooly Welcome!

I finished up a baby quilt this afternoon and I would love to show you but can't right now. I took pictures but can't post them until the gift is given on Sunday. Then I'll post pictures and some how-to instructions, too. :-)
With my bookshelves organized, I wanted to hang this penny rug above the shelves. I cut a piece of foam core board in a half circle, added a hanger to the back, pinned the rug carefully to the foam core, and I love looking up and seeing this piece.

I made it a few years ago (all wool and used wool floss, too) and it was a shop sample for Eagle Creek Quilt Shop. The pattern appeared in Better Homes and Gardens Century of Quilts publication and is based on a vintage penny rug pattern from 1929. The words "Welcome" were not in the original penny rug nor were they there when I first made the piece. I added the "Welcome" a couple of weeks ago. It always bothered me that I had placed the floral design just a bit too high. No one else seemed to notice but I knew it was not placed right. In addition to being a shop sample, I also entered the penny rug in the local Scott County Fair. That was before they had a penny rug category so it was placed in a class with actual floor rugs. It managed to win a red ribbon and after that year, a penny rug category was added.

On the cover of the Century of Quilts pulication there is a copy of a vintage BH & G magazine. The other day while looking through some things my mother had given me, I found the one in the photo and it is dated 1928! I loved looking through the magazine! I also found a couple other magazines and catalogs and will share those another time.
That's about all for now. I really enjoyed making this baby quilt that I finished today. Good thing as I didn't enjoy learning how to mow the lawn with the riding mower. I am just not mechanically inclined and yet we've been here a year and my husband has been meaning to teach me how to run the thing, so today was the day. Give me a sewing machine and I can make it hum and I am so comfortable with it. The riding lawnmower, not so fine, but at least the lesson is done and I can cross that off my "to do" list!
The winners have been drawn for my One Year Blog Anniversary gifties and the names will be announced on Sunday, the 14th. I'll also be posting about the quilt for Emma's Hope.
Busy day ahead with errands to run and a quick trip to the grocery store. Then I must get to baking a big batch of chocolate chip cookies for something really special that is happening on Saturday. My lips are zipped now, but I'll tell you all about it on Saturday. I love to build suspense and create surprises. :-)


Owl Lady said...

Sandi, as good as you are at building suspense, perhaps you should try your hand at writing a mystery novel, which is something that I have tried twice and got bogged down.

I, too, love to look over old pattern books or old books on any subject, for that matter. It makes me feel a connection with those who lived at that time.

I look forward to news about Emma's Quilt.

Thanks for all that you do, the Owl Lady

Pat said...

Love this penny rug but...then again...I love ALL your penny rugs!!! Thanks for sharing it and can't wait to see the baby quilt and hear about the Saturday surprise AND the winners of your blogiversary prizes!!!

Crispy said...

Adding the Welcome to the sign absolutely completes the piece, like it should have been there all along. Oh goody, surprises...I'll stay tuned :0)

pdudgeon said...

that rug is beautiful!
i used to love driving around on our riding mower. it was really fun, and so much easier than the old push mower. if you're still learning just put the motor into low gear, find an open field, and take it away. you'll get the hang of it in no time flat.

W. Latane Barton said...

Love the penny rug!! I've never worked with wool before. Guess there is always a first time.

Melody said...

Hi Sandi,
My compliments on the lovely wool piece.
Sew long,

Jacquelynne said...

Gee Sandi, I never would have guessed that your penny rug wasn't created exactly the way it should have been from the beginning- it is really lovely, love the colors. But I have a question- do you ever sleep??

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Love the wooly welcome!

We baked chocolate chip cookies here today too...well actually I made the dough last night, and my daughter baked them today. I was gone all day to the parent orientation for incoming freshmen at her college! Oh my, how fast this is all going! So exciting!

Can't wait to see what Brown Bear has to say on Sunday!


Winona said...

Sandi, I love this little penny rug. I think adding the welcome to it was the finishing touch. Don't you know that once you learn how to use the mower, it becomes your job? LOL Winona

WoolenSails said...

Love the shades against the black wool, beautiful penny rug.


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