Wednesday, June 3

Snowmen and Stars! 2009 BOM blocks!

Last month, I was thinking of Mother's Day when I drew the snowlady who had just baked cookies. I was thinking of me as I sketched her and my own mother, too. We both baked good cookies and chocolate was the favorite. Yum! I could use some right now!! No time to bake today, so will have to wait til Teatime later today for my snack. Anyway, this month I was thinking of my dad and my husband. I recently saw a report that said women do most of the cooking but men do the barbecueing. That's true in most cases but not at our house. My dad never grilled and I'm not sure he did much cooking. I remember that my mother had to be gone somewher and I had to cook and he did teach me how to cook a hamburger. My husband liked tuna noodle casserole and goulash and taught me to cook them as he likes them but says he can't recall he ever did that! I do most of the cooking but at least now I can get him to get the fire going if we want to cook hotdogs or brats outside. And so, in tribute, to all those men who grill and those who don't, I offer you this little smile of a snowman..............

Note: This is the design you can use for doing embroidery. I still need to cut my pieces for the fusible/wool block and will post that pattern page this weekend when I get to it. :-)

My block for June in the "Seasons of the Heart" series is three stars. I chose stars in honor of the U.S. flag. My dad was born on June 14th so it was a double celebration day for him.

I chose three stars to represent the three branches of our government.

If you want a more "Folk-art look", you can use the alternate star pattern on the page below.

PDF files of all these pages are now posted on my "Seasons BOM Yahoo Group". If you want to join so that you may access these blocks, please go to SeasonsBOM and click on the "Join this group" button. Have fun with these designs!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

My dad used to go to the catholic church when I was growing up. He joined the LDS church when he was 56 and I was 17. Long story. My dad was always very supportive of my mom and she was extremely involved in the church. He would get home before we did on Sundays and always always cooked dinner on Sundays. He was a great cook. He always made a roast, mashed potatoes, salad, vegetable. Always. Miss him!!

Micki said...

I loved the patterns and all the stories about your family. It was a lovely post!

e4e823l said...

Your different designs just keep getting cuter and cuter. I will be stitching for years. Thank you for sharing these with us. Sarah e4e

Pat said...

I will download these new designs when I get home tonight. Thanks for more great designs (as well as sharing the inspiration for them)!

Margot said...

Thank you, I loved the block.

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