Friday, June 19

Quilts in Bloom!

My friend Pandora is hosting an outdoor quilt event in her backyard this Saturday. If you are anywhere near the Twin Cities and need something to do, this is the thing to do. Her gardens are beautiful and so are the quilts she gathers to share.

Many of the quilts are made by Pandora but others share their quilts and needlework items, too, and then they are hung from clotheslines and along the fence and all around her yard! I shared some penny rugs and when our friend, Sue, was here for my birthday, she showed us a couple of quilts that she will be sharing.

I love this scrappy quilt and it is even prettier when you see it in person! I think it is a Darlene Zimmerman pattern.

Then there is this gorgeous quilt that is a combination of wool and cotton. The blocks are black wool and the flowers are also wool. The green patchwork is cotton. I believe it's called Midnight Garden and I will have to check and find out for sure because I know some of you are going to want to know!
Some of you have asked about the quilt in the new photo in my blog header. It is another unfinished quilt top that was purchased at auction by my dad and mother. Based on the fabrics in the quilt top, I believe it could be anywhere from 1930 to 1950. Lovely, isn't it?
Time to relax and do some reading before I go to sleep........


Owl Lady said...

What beautiful quilts! I have seen the quilt with the green squares in the past few days and am almost positive that it is not Midnight Garden, which is a Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith design that I saw on I can not think of what the correct name is. I will be eager to hear what you find.

Your friend's party sounds like fun. I have a friend who grows herbs to sell fresh to the local stores during the season and who dries some for winter sales. Her whole back yard is planted in flowers and herbs. In the spring, usually during May, she will set aside a Saturday for an open yard party. You can walk among the flowers and herbs, drink special teas which she imports and sells, visit with friends and her neighbors, and see her latest pastel artwork and prints. I have her pastel of a monarch butterfly in a meadow in my living room. I find it calming and peaceful to look at.

There are many interesting things going on around us.

Pat said...

Lovely quilts you are showing in this post and lovely of Pandora to have such an open garden day. As you know, I will be one of several area quilters in several gardens in a nearby very old town in Delaware (Lewes). This will be my third year to participate and I enjoy it. I'll be anxious to get the information on that floral and black quilt.

Kaye said...

The quilts are lovely especially the black one. How do you find the time to do all you do? Bless You, you are amazing

Cathy said...

Beautiful Quilts! I'm going to Pandora's show tomorrow. Will you be there Sandi? I'm hoping the weather holds out and is nice.

Soukies said...

Beautiful! I love the first scrappy quilt! I may have to make one of those! I wish I lived near enough to go with you all!

Karen said...

Midnight in the Garden is a beautiful quilt (or whatever the pattern name is).

knitwit said...

Wish I lived close enough to see the quilts and the garden of "Quilts in Bloom", what a lovely idea and for a great cause. Hope the weather cooperates.

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful quilts, too far away for me to come to.


Kathie said...

pretty quilts!
Love those 30's!

Micki said...

The quilts are wonderful! I wish that I could see them in person!

Barbara in TN said...

How wonderful - wish I could go too, but way too far for me to travel. Would love to be there to find out the name of the quilt pattern you said was by Diane Zimmerman - have looked all over the internet for that quilt, but unable to find, so must be in one of her books. Do you think you could find out for me, please?
Thanks for any info -
Barbara in TN

Karen said...

Beautiful quilts! Sounds like a fun garden party.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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