Monday, June 8

More computer frustrations!!!

This is not what I was planning to post tonight but I am frustrated with all the computer issues of late and tonight I discovered another strange little issue. Remember that I've asked a couple times if people have received my messages and then sometimes I wonder why I didn't get replies, but I know people are busy so I just chalked it up to - people are busy. Well, I don't use Microsoft Outlook on our computer. Hardly knew what it was til a couple of weeks ago when I accidently clicked on the icon and it opened. I started looking around and discovered a sent file and some messages and then today, I was looking in Outlook again and noticed that many of the messages had an aol address listed for me that I haven't used in three years! When my husband set up the computer after our move, he never changed the e-mail address in Outlook and I didn't even know messages could go there so I had no idea ............. oh, pooh, let's just say, it's all a bit mixed up, but it's all fixed now! Sort of.........When Steve deleted the aol address in Outlook, it also deleted the aol messages. I suggested we wait til I could check them and reply but he thought just keep it simple ......... Not so simple as I feel I have left many unanswered messages out there and would have replied. If you have sent me a message that went to an aol address, I apologize because I never got it and can't answer it. The e-mail to use to contact me is the one you will find in my blogger profile or the yahoo addresses I use for my groups.
That's all for tonight. I'll get back on track tomorrow.


Crispy said...

Computers can be such a pain in the behind sometimes. At least you have solved the mystery and things should run smoothly now.


Pat said...

It's good you discovered it or it could have gone on indefinitely...with more and more messages building up there. If you announce it on your Yahoo groups and your other blogs, too, I'm sure you will cover everyone who might have sent an email that went unanswered.

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