Saturday, June 13

Before and After, and cookies, too.......

I am really working hard at trying to make my sewing room more organized. My books got organized and that makes me "sew" happy. Oh, and they aren't all quilting books..........that's 40 years worth of my hobbies from sewing to miniatures to furniture and decorating and then there are books on decoupage and clay-crafting, books on holiday traditions from Valentines Day to Christmas and then two shelves devoted exclusively to Christmas and three shelves for quilting books. All the magazines are quilting mags. I didn't mention the cross stitch books as they are still in boxes in the basement and are going straight to my daughter (although my friend, Laura, may want to take a peek at some of them). I liked cross stitch but loved quilting and miniatures so something had to go. There's not a knitting or crochet book in the whole lot. I never had any skill for either and thankfully I had family and friends who did!

Across the room from my books is my little portable sewing machine. I don't have a fancy machine at all but this one has been around a while and is very reliable. The photo below is my "before" picture.

I didn't like the smooth surface as everything slid all over the place. So, when I was looking for a rug to choose (go here to see the one I chose) in the CSN*Rugs promotion that I participated in, I saw some small braided ones and thought - aha!!! So I ordered up this nice little rug and the photo below is my "after" view.

Now my machine stays in place, so does my light and the tin bucket holds all my sewing table stuff. It works well as I gave it a good test when I made that baby quilt this week. Love it!!

Now to the they are, fresh from the oven and tomorrow they will be going to someone that I will be meeting for lunch. It will be an interesting day and I will tell you all about it Saturday evening!
Wish I could offer you a glass of milk and a cookie because I had some and they were really good. I like chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven and after that they are not quite as good.
See you later this evening.


Micki said...

Your sewing room is so organized. I don't have one, as I have my machines spread around the cottage. I have never heard of the White machine, but it looks very good. I use a Pfaff 4.0 Expression. Wish that I could have had some of those cookies.

pdudgeon said...

try putting your cookies in an airtight container with a sliced apple. that will keep them soft.
my mother used to do that and they kept nicely for a week (but only because she made double batch every time!)

Pat said...

Can't wait to hear about your Saturday adventure. YUM to the cookies. Wish I lived close enough to have some of them. LOL

Crispy said...

Hmmm that idea with the rug is great, I don't use my machine often but it too slides around on my dining table. I'm thinking of orgainizing my fabric closet...somehow it got really messed up LOL.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh yum the cookies look so delicious. Great idea about using the rug under your sewing machine. Hope you have a fun day!

W. Latane Barton said...

That rug was just the perfect thing for under your machine. Clever, clever, clever.

Allie said...

I'm glad to hear they weren't ALL quilting books - I would have to be very jealous, lol. The rug is a good idea! And it looks nice, too. The cookies look yummy - if you put a piece of bread in the tin with them, they stay quite fresh and soft. MMMMMMMMMM.

Cathy said...

Your new rug under your machine looks nice. It also makes your machine look pretty. But that is not the only "New" thing in the picture...I see a new small wallhanging on the wall too.

Cookies look great but I can't eat them. :( bet they are good though.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

The rug idea is great! and those cookies look sooooooooooooooo yummy.
Now all of us are going to make chocolate chip cookies because we need some NOW! LOL

Barbara said...

Love your idea of the braided rug, will have to check that out for under my machine.

imagrandma2five said...

I really like your braided rug idea, not only is functional but looks very pretty. I am like you when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, my DH on the other hand would rather eat them the next day.

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