Friday, May 8

And my rug choice is.............

this beautiful Surya - Augusta Judson Woven Oriental Rug made in Egypt. I picked another one at first and my son liked it, husband didn't but I convinced him it would be okay. Then we were revisiting the rugs and saw this one and we both liked it. We think it is a nice compliment to the one on the wall that we bought in Turkey in 1998. Thanks to Khara at CSNRugs for allowing me to tell you all about the rugs at CSN Rugs. This was a really neat opportunity. :-)

Plus, I found rugs for other rooms in the house, so I'll become a "real" customer soon. Actually, I already have as I ordered a small braided rug and when it comes, of course, I'll show it to you and tell you my plans for it!


Pat said...

Oh, yes....having that small wall-hung rug nearby makes this one the PERFECT choice. Now...sometime you must buy one of their rugs that says "applique" or "quilt" that some of us mentioned when you were making us try to GUESS what you bought. LOL

Needled Mom said...

It is lovely.

Crispy said...

Oooooo love the rug Sandi, it really does compliment the other rug.


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