Tuesday, April 14

One last Easter egg to share......

and it comes from my swap partner, Kathy in the Spring Egg Swap that I hosted on my Yahoo Wooly Buddies Group. Those who signed up to participate were sent the little pattern I designed for 16 different Easter eggs (they're the ones on my Easter egg trees). The pattern was for making an egg pin that is smaller than those shown on my Easter egg trees so this was a challenge to sew such tiny pieces. Some members really rose to that challenge and created some lovely little Easter pins. You can see that Kathy found the perfect little piece of white wool for the sheep on the pin she made for me. Then she stitched lots of little French knot flowers!!

And then she made me a larger egg with my name on it and I have it hanging on my sewing room door now so that if you were to come upstairs you would know ...... that's Sandi's sewing room! :-) She also packed in some goodies and that lovely fat quarter in that pretty little box. I've thanked her more than once but I'll say it again - Thanks, Kathy!
If you want to learn more about working with wool and/or woolfelt and making penny rugs and other projects just click here and you can join our Wooly*Buddies group. It's a fun group!
That's it for Easter this year. There's only one chocolate egg left but there are a few Easter cupcakes in the freezer that my grandson can enjoy when he comes over this next weekend. I'm thinking it's time to start thinking tulips, gardening, quilting friends, and my daughter's birthday which is coming up this weekend! There's a fun weekend in store so I'll be sure to share pictures and stories. :-)
I took the blocks for Emma's quilt down to the post office today so that I could show them to Connie, Emma's grandma. There are a lot of blocks and I am thinking there will be enough to two quilts, one large and one smaller. I've received word that at least three packages with blocks are in the mail and heading my way. I had planned to lay out the blocks today but will wait til the end of the week as the last of the blocks should arrive by then. Thank you to all of you that have shared blocks for this project. I will post pictures of the quilt tops as soon as I get them done. The quilting will be done in May and then the fund-raising event is May 30th.
One last thing........I have spent a lot of time in recent days fiddling with computer problems and hopefully new virus software will help some issues I was having. We also had an intermittent internet issue (plus loss of phone service and weak cable signal) which was resolved this afternoon by a Mediacom technician. I think. :-) Anyway, the technician was very thorough and took his time to troubleshoot the problems I described and everything seems to be working fine now!
Have a lovely Spring day today!


Crispy said...

What a wonderful package you recieved from Kathy...and PEZ, I love PEZ LOL.

Computer problems are so icky. It seems the faster the connection the more headaches it causes...I'll just stick with my cheap dial-up :0)


xashee's corner said...

you are in the best swaps!! :) what a GREAT gift you received! :) Thank you so much for sharing! Have a TERRIFFIC day! :)

Pat said...

Kathy did a great job on that pin and the whole package!

Lori Holt said...

What a fun swap! Everything is so sweet and Springy:)

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