Wednesday, April 22

I'm a blockhead!

Yes, that's right. Having trouble with some blocks I am working on. Something simple is giving me a challenge. Otherwise it has been a good day. I got a free lunch today as the Historical Society hosted a luncheon for the volunteers and it was topped off with a really fine chocolate layer cake. And I mean reeeeaaaallllly fine!! ;-) It was nice to meet some of the other volunteers and great to be appreciated! :-)
After the lunch was over, I went just a few blocks to the Women's Correctional Facility for an afternoon of card crafting. I brought lots of pretty ribbons, papers, pens, and glitter so that the women could make Mother's Day cards. Every one was very appreciative of the opportunity to make something personal for their mother or grandmother. And even though I was very tired when I left, I felt very good as I do every time I leave there. And it's not because I am glad that I am not in there because that old saying "there but for the grace of God go I" is pretty true......No, it's because I made a teeny tiny difference not only to the women but to the people who will receive their cards. I love the ripple effect that you can get from this kind of thing, even though I never really know exactly what that effect is. I just know that I come away feeling like my time matters. And in this busy world when time flies too fast, I think that's a good thing.
Speaking of time, I was thinking a couple of hours ago that I would go to bed early because I am so tired. Then I started putzing with these blocks that I am working on and I cannot believe how challenged I am by some simple blocks. Perhaps I should go to bed and when I start over in the morning and perhaps it will all go more smoothly. Sure hope so!!


Crispy said...

Sandi, you have a good heart!! You bring color and creativity to ladies who must lead a sad existance. People like you make a difference.

So what block is giving you such trouble?


Pat said...

I"m sure those ladies in the correctional facility love you, Sandi, for the many times you go there and do crafting with them. for the block(s)you mentioned...we need a photo so we can help you with your problem. (Just what you will need.....10 different people giving you 10 different ideas!!! LOL)

Needled Mom said...

Know that your actions are definitely making a difference in a rather troubled life of someone, Sandi.

I always do better with a good night of sleep (and dreams) in a difficult project.

GARI said...

What a very interesting title. But the only thing I could see that should be troubling you was that you were trying to do something creative at what I think of as "very" late at night. I have never been a night person so would never try to be creative at that hour.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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