Sunday, April 19

Happy Birthday Girl!

The last couple days have been very busy as I prepared for a gathering of my favorite quilting friends and for my daughter's birthday. I set the date for the gathering way last fall when I realized that her birthday would fall on a weekend. We had a great time visiting, eating, sharing quilting stories and show and tell and little gifts, and just a fun and relaxing afternoon. I am so blessed with such wonderful friends!!
Collette and Jacob (my grandson) arrived Friday evening and left late this afternoon, so I'm a wee bit tired tonight. It was a really busy weekend with some unexpected surprises that I'll tell you about in my next post! I'll also share photos of our quilt gathering and some "show 'n tell" but right now I'm just going to post my baby girl's smiling face as we sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

I wanted her to have a birthday she would always remember because as the years go by, well, sometimes we like to forget birthdays!! The years fly by so fast and I can't help but hum the tune to Sunrise, Sunset.........."Is this the little girl I carried" ......... click on this..... Sunrise,SunsetLyrics ....... and you can sing along. :-)

I'll see you tomorrow evening. Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!

I had to google the song as only lyrics were in the link above and found the wedding scene from Fiddler on the Roof of "Sunrise, Sunset" and it's right here if you want to take a listen. :-)


Gina said...

A very Happy Birthday to your girl!
Good health, happiness and many happy returns of the day!

Pat said...

Lovely photo but I can't listen to the song as it will make me cry!!! I'm glad the weekend went so well.

Crispy said...

Your pretty girl looks to have had a wonderful time too, judging by the smile on her face. Many Happy Returns!


xashee's corner said...

a very HAPPY birthday to your daughter!! :) Have a GREAT day!

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