Monday, April 6

Back from Spring Break.....

On my first day of my Spring Break, I was awakened by the sound of the dog barfing. That was not what I wanted to hear. The day got better, though. I found an on-line source for white wool when I contacted Stephanie at the Amana Colonies. I want to do some dyeing when spring finally comes and can hardly wait to the get the Ivory wool I ordered. Later in the afternoon, I had a nice conversation with Jim at TheGentleArt about their hand-dyed threads. He had sent some samples and I used them for the tulip penny rug that you see in the picture. I love the variation in the color as it gives variety to the stitched design. I used a pale yellow Perle cotton for the scalloped border.
That first day of my "Spring Break" was the only day that I really spent much time in my sewing room. I started working on controlling the chaos but didn't get very far because of an Easter Bunny project that multiplied. More on that later. :-)
When I closed my post last Wednesday, I was upset with myself because my sewing room was such a mess, I had misplaced the thread to finish the tulip penny rug (it was stuck by static to the side of my sewing chair), I couldn't find the sketch for the April Snowman (I had drawn it at the end of February so I'd be ahead of the game in April!) and there was loads of stuff going on that you don't care about but it needed my attention here. There's still a lot of stuff going on so I may not be blogging regularly for a couple of weeks here. Fortunately, the thread was found and so was the April Snowman sketch (attached to my yellow clipboard and lost in a stack of magazines and designs). Some chaos has been controlled. :-)
It has definitely been an interesting Spring Break with some sun, some fun, some rain, some drama, some shopping, and some SNOW!! I can't believe how long Spring is taking to make her appearance her in Minnesota!
Today, I'll be finalizing the patterns for April and will get them posted. Then on Tuesday, I will e-mail the pdf files to those who are on my e-mail list. Some of you need blocks from previous months and I will be going through individual e-mails to verify that I have sent you the correct blocks. I am looking at other options that would make this easier but have not made any decisions yet. I am so not technical. Learning lots though but it takes my old brain longer to process it all as nothing clicks as quickly as it did when I was younger. :-(
Back again by the evening with the April BOM patterns........


Kritta22 said...

I love the colors! They all just go together but pop all the same!

pdudgeon said...

Sandi, it seems that many bloggers are very busy right now, so you're in good (energetic) company.
I heard about that snow! my goodness, what a surprize. we're supposed to get some freezing temps on tuesday night and again on wednesday. This weekend I divided and re-potted my old amaryillis bulb and set it out on the porch along with my Easter Lilly. Guess those will all be comming back inside for a couple of days, LOL.

Pat said...

LOVE the finished tulip rug you are showing today (and on WB the other day). Busy week for me with all the music we do at church and also quilt guild as well as the board meeting for quilt guild. Right now, thunder is rolling outside, so I am guessing the computer will need to be shut down any time now. I'll be back....whenever I can get back! LOL

Crispy said...

Sandi, I just love your two penny rugs. The hand dyed thread really does look nice.

I may have a solution to your requests for PDF's for prior months and an easy and accurate way to provide the patterns every month. I found a free site for storing PDFs that can be accessed by anyone at I'll send you an e-mail about this.


Linda said...

I will be so happy when the winter passes into the night and doesn't come back until December!
And the Amanas aren't that far from our place...
Looking forward to the BOM.

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