Wednesday, February 4

News from the North Pole!

Well, not really. It just feels like the North Pole. My sewing room is very chilly this morn. Gotta warm up a bit and then I'll be back with the snowman patterns. Tea will be served up later this afternoon on TeaAndStitches . See you soon, here or there, gotta be warmer by then. :-)

Then again, maybe it'll be a little longer before it warms up in husband reprogrammed when the heat will come on and he must have entered something wrong. Like I think he hit the "away" setting or something because when I went to check the thermostat is said "63" and it should read 68. Soooo, it's warming up now, but will take a bit. My sewing room is over the garage and I have to use a little heater in here as the cold just seeps in. Not ideal but it works. I love the privacy of the room and that I can leave projects about as I wish so I will not complain.


Cindy said...

Scones too please.

Jo said...

I would love to receive your block of the month by email, please. I think it's lovely.

Thanks, your blog is great.

Jo Ann

Denise said...

I will be home with my chai tea and enjoying your tea and stitches. You are the best.
Hugs, Denny

Pat said...

Can't wait for the February snowman BOM. :)

Denise said...

Oh, Sandi, your choice of music just brought back such memories. Hey, Good Looking is a song my dad used to sing to me and my children. Who sings the song because I'm sure my son is going to try and find it on the internet. What a fabulous surprise and such happy memories we had. Thank you.

Needled Mom said...

We are off for our annual snow trip in the a.m. It is nice to have choices on things like that.

Kritta22 said...

Oh I wish I had a sewing room. Space heater and all! I now use my kitchen counter.

Garden Delight said...

Just discovered your block of the month.....would you add me to your email list. I would love to receive your patterns. I would need to receive January &
February BOM patterns. thank you.

Eileen said...

68 would be too cold for me! I would need to turn the heater way up I'm afraid.

Your BOM looks like it's going great.. and you probably won't have time.. but if you feel like posting about something else later on, I'm tagging you for the Eight Random Things. If not.. that's ok.. there are no obligations. I just know sometimes it's fun to read different and intersting facts about people. :-)

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