Monday, February 9

"Connecting Hearts"

I'm here! Took a couple days off to just focus on family things, cleaning, laundry - you know all the stuff that just repeats, and then some fun stuff - Valentines!! Can't really show you anything at the moment as it will spoil the surprise for some of my stitching friends.
Hearts have been on my mind all weekend. The local paper was full of ads for restaurants that are hosting special Valentines Day dinners. And get this - we are going out to dinner on Saturday night for Valentines Day, there is even a reservation and in 40 years that has never happened!!!! I mean, we've gone out to dinner but to know a week ahead of time that we're going is unheard of in our household. I hope we don't get a blizzard next Saturday.
With hearts on my mind, I thought I would share one of my favorite penny rug designs. I designed this one in 2004 and it's called "Connecting Hearts" (© 2004-2009 Sandra E. Andersen) and that's because all our hearts "connect", from family to friends to mom to dad to kids, etc. etc. :-)
I love hearts. After I drew my design, the first penny rug I made was in red and blue for Valentine's Day.
Then I wanted one for my pink bedroom so I chose mauve and teal colors. Both of these penny rugs are made with woolfelt.

I found some lovely wool and created this one which actually looks better in my pink bedroom. I embellished each of the little heart "pennies" with embroidered flowers.
I still wasn't tired of hearts and when I saw this wool plaid, I knew I had to make another one. This is my favorite. It earned a Blue ribbon and a Reserve Grand Champion ribbon at the Scott County Fair. :-)

My daughter, Collette, wanted one and she likes hearts, too, so I had this gorgeous plaid and she got this one for Christmas in 2007. It's reversible. When you flip it over the backside oval is green with plaid hearts all around.

And since I made one for Collette in Christmas colors, I made another one for me that is just a bit different. It's actually finished now, but I had taken a picture of it just prior to stitching the hearts in place so thought you might like to see how I attach the "pennies". Whether it's traditional penny shapes, hearts, or whatever shape that surrounds the main piece, I like to really secure them with pins so that I get them sewn on evenly. You can see in the picture that I pin at the top and then connect each of the hearts with a pin, too. I take needle and thread and stitch in and out between the layers and secure with a couple of stitches at each connecting point. If you'd like to know more about penny rugs or wool applique, check out my Wooly Buddies group. It's a Yahoo group and so if you click here you can find out how to join.
It's a late one tonight so I best get off to bed.


Pat said...

This is very nice and I love the idea of the reversible one, too. It's great to have a photo of the pinning you do. Is it okay if I save that photo for future reference?? NICE that you already have plans for Valentine's Day weekend. :)

Margot said...

They are pretty. Any thing made with heart, is pretty. Congratulations to its group.

Cathy said...

Hi Sandi, I love hearts too. I especially like the white/blue one. It's so pretty!

Cathy in Savage

quiltingnana said...

love the pattern and the fabrics you chose

W. Latane Barton said...

They are a so pretty but the third one down is my favorite. I haven't worked in wool yet. May have to try it.

Nihal said...

Hearts can be broken but this kind of hearts never break:)
Smart idea, Sandi. I like your way that's 'different' and 'spiritually amazing'.
Creatively yours,

xashee's corner said...

Your rugs are LOVELY! oh and Big CONGRATS on your plans for Valentine's day! :D Thank you for sharing! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

MYRA said...

Wonderful Penny Rugs Sandi! Great choice of colors and wonderful decorated! You are so creative! What treasures... 8-)
I've never made one myself...yet! I am allergic to wool clothing and bedding, so am wondering if my hands could handle it? hmmmm?
Happy stitchings! 8-)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love 'em!!!

Sharon said...

Those are really pretty :) Like you, I have hearts on my mind, I'm seeing them everywhere. I think though, I'm seeing more than a lot of folks because my anniversary is on Valentine's day and I'm getting a little bit anxious :)

Your stitchery is very lovely. I was admiring the dresdan plate quilt you have linked to your other blog. Lovely work, Lovely!

Have a blessed evening,

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Those are all wonderful!!

Donna said...

I found your blog through Sharon's and am in love with these wool penny rugs. I love working with wool. And I love anything with hearts or stars. Great work!

StitchinByTheLake said...

The wool plaid one is my favorite! But I love hearts so that means they all appeal to me. I think I might try to make a small one today! blessings, marlene

Jacquelynne said...

They are all great and it's hard to choose a favorite... I love hearts too, they just never go out of style (I guess because love never goes out of style!)

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