Friday, February 6

Block of the month files sent..........

Just a quick post to let you all know that I have sent out the files to the e-mail list. If you have not received the files, please e-mail me again. I may have missed your name when I created the "group" to e-mail to. Also, I still have a couple of people that I am not able to send to because there is no e-mail or blog link to post to. If you left a comment that you want the files sent via e-mail and you have not received them, please check the comment you left and you will see if you have a link back to your e-mail/blog link. I think I have this all set now but I know there may be someone I missed so please send me that e-mail and I will get you added to the list.
I was able to sneak in a little vacuuming and some laundry today and made it to the church women's guild meeting. Had an nice speaker, Katie Phillips from our local clinic who spoke of the "free pill" that we all have available to us that will improve our over-all health ............ it's "Walking"!!! Made feel like I wanted to get right up and take a quick walk around the block! It was a message I needed to hear as I really need to get up from this desk or my sewing chair and get more real exercise!!! After the program, that was when I came home and decided to exercise with the vacuum cleaner. :-)
That's all for now. Sleep calls.........


loulee said...

Hi Sandi, I didn't get an email from you. ;-(
I've taken this months snowman from your blog though. Thank you.

Guilitta said...

Hello Sandy,

i got your emails and like to say: Thank you very much for your kindness to send all of us your bom! I love the snowmanns and I Like to come to you blog and hear the christian music! Thank you very much for sharing the bom with us and your love and kindness!

God bless you und your family
Guilitta from germany

Sorry, for my bad english, but i hope you understand me! sorry for the mistakes.

Amy said...

Hi Sandi -
I've gotten the blocks from you website. . . email would be great if no extra trouble. . . Thanks so much! Your designs bring a smile to my face! amy, south Lyon, MI

xashee's corner said...

popping in to say hi! i don't know if you watch TV or have FiTV, but there are a LOT of different exercise programs on that channel, that you might find one you like to work out with! :D Just a thought! Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend! :D

MYRA said...

Hi Sandi!
Thank you for all to have taken on to get your wonderful BOM to us... You are a peach!
Just wondering though if it wouldn't just be easier for you to post your PDF files in your blog for each of us to be responsible to pick them up on our own? Just a thought as we all spend enough time on the comp, why make more work for yourself... You need more time to walk! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Eleanor said...

Hi Sandy
I was able to download the snowman block for the month of January ,but I can not find the one for Feb. What am I doing wrong?
I love the snowman and would like to coninue getting the monthy pattern.
My email address is:


Thanks again


MOLLY said...

Hey Sandi--I did not get your email containing the file. I think I left an email, but then my memory--not good. I know I meant to. I hope you will try again


julieQ said...

Thank you so much again for sharing your talent, your February block is wonderful!!

Liz Schaffner said...

Unfortunately I didn't get the Blocks via email :-( Could you please add me to your list. I would hate to miss any.
Thanks, Liz

julie said...

Sandi, I also have not received an email from you.
Thanks for your designs.

Carol in Rock Hill, SC said...

Hi, I didn't get an e-mail for the 2nd block. Please add me.

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