Saturday, November 7

Seasons of the Heart November and December blocks..

I love the colors in this block...........

This year in Minnesota our fall colors weren't nearly so vibrant as those in the block above. Cold weather and rain quickly turned the usually pretty fall colors to damp leaves that dropped quickly from the trees. It was surprising to me how quickly the leaves fell to the ground! Oh, well, last year was colorful so if I need to be reminded, I can just look back at photos taken last fall.
This is a time of year when we think of "counting our blessings" and giving thanks. I have much to be thankful for even when some days seem like there are too many challenges. I remind myself that there is always someone struggling far more than I am and so, I, count my blessings!!

The block for December is a gift. You can use your imagination and wonder what is inside. The gift block also allows someone to do it in different colors for those who celebrate Hannukah or Kwanza.

Whatever the gift that is inside this box, I know that it is a "gift of love". Most gifts are given with love and Christmas is a special time when we can share gifts with our family and our friends. Some of the best gifts given are those that go to kids and families that are served by Toys for Tots and other organizations.

Note........pdf files of my patterns are posted in my Yahoo Seasons group. Just click on the Snowman on the sidebar and join the group!

"Christmas is for Kids" as the saying goes but kids come in all ages and sizes. I'm my mother's "kid" but I'm 60 years old. I love Christmas. My grandson is just ten and he is hopeful for a certain gift that is on his list. Christmas is a time of hope and giving, love and living. Sometimes things challenge us and the hope and giving, love and living are hard to find. I have a little chance for you to share a bit of that hope and love. My blogging friend, Janice, learned of a little boy who has cancer and wants to get as many Christmas cards as possible this year. You can send him a card by going to this link and you'll see that the story is true and you'll see the address of where to send the card. Mine is going in the mail in the morning. Make it a season for this little boy to "count the blessings" he'll find in those Christmas cards and the gift others will have given him just by mailing those cards. :-)
Night all.


Kaye said...

Sandi, thank you, all the blocks are beautiful. I sure do appreciate them. Many thoughts and prayers for you and your Mom

Crispy said...

Love the November block Sandi!!


Owl Lady said...

Give me an S! Give me an A! Give me an N! Give me a D! Give me an I! What have we got? Sandi! Yeah!

Kritta22 said...

Oh that's such a fun way to get into Christmas! Connor and I will make him a card! thanks for sharing

Nanette Merrill said...

That fall oak leaf and acorn block is really sweet. I love it.

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