Thursday, November 19

Oh, JOY!

My Wednesday was a better day for me and for Kaiser, our beagle. I started my morning by going to over to our vet and getting a different antibiotic for Kaiser. He slept almost all day - the dog, not the vet, but is still bothered by joint pain and doesn't like going up and down the steps. Kaiser is evidently a very sensitive dog as first it's the allergies, then the skin infection because of the allergies and then the reaction to the meds. He's just wandered in here from a nap and is curling up to take another nap! Ah, the dog's life!

SO what made my Wednesday a better day? This...................

I put the garland and lights along the front porch railing! This may not seem like a big deal but I've had it on my list since last Saturday. The weather has been so nice here that I kept telling myself to get the job done!! So today after lunch, I did just that!! There was bit of sunshine and I didn't even have to wear a coat while I did the job! It's not quite done, though, as I have to get out the bows that I'll add but I'll get to that this weekend.
The day wasn't all good, though, as my mother has decided she just doesn't want to travel right now so I won't be going to get her for Thanksgiving. I was really hoping she would come for a visit. Instead, I'll go down to get her right after Thanksgiving and then go on to Iowa City to my sister's where I'll stay while my mom has surgery.
Surprisingly, my aunt Loretta called from Florida and it's not often she calls. She's moved there permanently so it was nice to chat with her. Our family is now spread far and wide and we don't see each other very often. Sometimes, I really wish it was different but that's not realistic.
I played with my Christmas fabrics in the late afternoon. I stitched up four of the little bags designed by Terry Atkinson for the Cross Country Blog Hop (go here for the project) and they are going to look so cute in the mugs I bought. They're in the dishwasher so photo will come later. Then I cut a ton of charm squares for my blogging friends who commented on my giveaway post last July. I am finally going to finish this project and get their charm squares mailed off before Thanksgiving! You may see your name below...............

AnneMarie was the actual winner but several of you were so committed to commenting daily that I had to make charm packs for all of you. The winning pack will have about 100 charm squares in it and the others will vary. In the picture above, I am only just starting to portion out the stack of charm squares that I've cut. They would be fun to use in a placemat or totebag or something.
Thursday promises to be a day of stitching. We'll see what I accomplish by my next post. :-)


Ida13 said...

When did you do the JOY? Is it from wool?
I did the decoratig too in the flat and I took the lights to the lodgia. Childrens are so glad. They (especially my daughter(4))like whatching decorating tips on internet too, so I'll show yours to them.

Pat said...

I'm sorry your mom won't be with you for Thanksgiving but I hope you enjoy your day anyway. The JOY decoration looks very nice...even without its bows. Hoping Kaiser improves and is his own sweet self soon.

annemarie said...

I see my name - how exciting - thank you Sandi!

Crispy said...

I'm glad to hear you two are on the mend but it's sad that Kaiser is still in pain. It's so hard when family gets so spread out, thank goodness for the internet!!


Margie said...

Gee Sandi, I'd almost forgot about that giveaway. Your memory must be better than mine. (Mine is that "Old Age Thing")

What are your socks made out of? What a cute idea. Take Care

Needled Mom said...

So glad that your day was better and that you got so much accomplished.

Owl Lady said...

Your porch railing looks great. I am so glad that you told us about the bloghop for the Christmas projects. They are very nice, and I wouldn't have known about them otherwise.

You were very busy, but I wonder if Kaiser and I could be related.

Sarah Vanderburgh said...

I love your JOY stockings! I'm sorry you won't spend Thanksgiving with your mother. I'm glad you'll be able to go see her though. Those charms look soooo great! Pace yourself, Sandi. I'm still on the hunt for microwave safe mugs! Enjoy the nice weather.

Cleary (Cie) said...

Sorry to here that you won't be seeing your Mom at Thanksgiving. I love the JOY Stokings they look really good. I have a Joy wall hanging I'm working on that is crochet.
Ohhh! those fabrics are really nice can't wait to get them.
Cleary K.

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