Tuesday, November 10

My tree is up!

Ha! Ha! Fooled ya! Bet you thought I meant I had my Christmas tree up and decorated. Well, not quite but I do have the tree section done for Gudrun's quilt (go here for the pattern) that she has posted on her blog. Gudrun spoke at our quilt group in Prior Lake so I've seen her great fabrics and quilts and her "quilt-as-you-go-projects". I thought I'd give this one a try and it's fun and easy to do.

At first, I was going to use cotton Christmas fabrics and then when I got into my Christmas stash I found my flannels and that is what I am using for the quilt. I wanted the tree all in the same plaid and think I will add red heart buttons to it for decoration. There's another border to add and then the prairie points. I've never done them before so this was a chance to try that technique, too. I had never used the can of quilt basting spray that was in my cupboard so I had a first-time try with that and love the product! I am enjoying some time to work on projects and it is so fun and relaxing.
I'm continuing to make plans to have my mother visit us for Thanksgiving. I can tell you now that she will be going for surgery for kidney stones (two stones that are too large to pass must be removed). Didn't want to say anything last week as she hadn't told her friends and some of them read my blog. Her surgery is not scheduled until Dec. 1st. In the meantime, she is doing well and, I think in about a week, my brother will bring her as far as Algona and we'll all meet there for lunch and then she'll come home with me. I think we will have some good quilty fun and I do plan to get my real tree up before Thanksgiving this year. I can do the work while she rests and we can share memories of Christmas past. Praying that the weather will hold off and any snowstorms will come after December 1st!!
All for now. See you tomorrow with a "heart-felt" block for Veteran's Day. ;-)


Mary Grace McNamara said...

You're fast Sandi! Didn't she just post that pattern yesterday? Love the idea of using flannels for it...very cozy and winterish. Hope everything goes well with your mom.


Needled Mom said...

Cute tree, Sandi, and I love the idea of flannel.

Hope your mom enjoys her Thanksgioving before heading off for surgery. Kidney stones are NO fun.

Pat said...

Your tree is turning out great....love the idea of using red buttons on it, too.

Ida13 said...

I've seen it and i loved it too. I'm goint to do it, but I have some projects to do before it.
My father had kidney stones too and the doctor said"Drink beer!"
Who knows!

Sarah Vanderburgh said...

Love your tree. Flannel would be great for this. I want to make this one too. Good luck for smooth recovery for your mom from her surgery. My father has suffered from kidney stones all his life - but it is a different story for women. My grandmother is just starting to get them now into her 80s. I'll keep your mom in my thoughts.

Crispy said...

I'll keep your mother in my thoughts Sandi. I know she will enjoy hanging out with you for a while. It's a shame that the surgery couldn't be done sooner.


Vivian said...

You were one speedy little quilter, making that tree more quickly than I could print out the pattern. I'm anxious to try it. Yours looks great.

I'm sure your mother will be in good hands. Kidney stones, as Needled Mom wrote, are no fun.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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