Monday, December 27

What's on the line?

Taking a break from quilty things on the line and instead..........I decided to show you what I hung from the stair railing on Christmas Eve.................
Yes, Mr. Claus and I hung the stockings and then filled them and all the while, Kaiser, the Wonder Beagle was sniffing with delight at the chocolate candies that were in the toes of those stockings. LOL! Luckily, they were hung too high off the floor for him to reach and he couldn't get his nose between the stair banisters, so the contents of the stockings was safe. :-) Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas gift-giving. :-) We don't put anything fancy in the stockings.....just little gifts, games, comic books, candies, etc. but they are just a fun tradition. My favorite stocking memory from when I was a young girl was the year my mother put a compact in my stocking. It was black with a gold design on it and was an Avon product. It came in a blue floral case that tied with a ribbon and I can still see it now. It's long gone but the memory of that "grown up" gift to a young girl is still very clear.

We enjoyed a really lovely Christmas day with our kids and grandson. I'll share some pics all this week and they will include a couple of the quilty gifts that I made and couldn't show you last week. For family and close friends who read my blog, I thought I'd show you pics that I took as we all sat down to dinner late Christmas afternoon. Here's Jacob, Santa Daryl, and Collette......... and here is Devlin and Stacia..............
and here is Steve who cooked the ham and for those of you have entered my giveaways........this is my Random Number Man............ :-)
More pictures tomorrow. I thought about taking a blogging vacation this week, but changed my mind. See you Tuesday!


Crispy said...

How fun to be sitting around the dinner table with loved ones!! I'm so jealous LOL.


Needled Mom said...

It does look like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family - smiling faces all around!!

I have always loved doing the Christmas stockings too. There are so many fun little things to put in them.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...


Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Hope your New Years is wonderful also.


sewmeow said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time. That's wonderful.

Beth said...

Stockings look great. The family looks even better!
Glad you could be together and enjoy the holiday.

Micki said...

What a lovely time you all had. Happy Holidays!

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