Thursday, December 2

Warm on the inside, cold on the outside.....

Perfect description of Minnesota in the winter! It was warm in my kitchen this afternoon as I cooked up a chicken rice dish in my crockpot (for our crazy quilting potluck) but really cold as I went off to the dentist and then headed on to our crazy quilting meeting. I got a "look, ma, no cavaties" report from the dentist, and .... I won't tell, if you don't tell.......but I ate a lot of cookies, pie, and other sweets at our Crazy quilting potluck. I will brush and floss doubletime tonight. :-) Pictures of our fun evening will have to come in my next post. Tired again tonight and don't want to take time to load the photos from my camera. I am not as tired as my son is, though. Learned today that he has pneumonia but is on meds and hopefully will be better soon. Moms worry no matter how young or old their kids are. :-) Seems there are so many folks I know with the flu or other sickness. And the weather just seems to make it a little worse. And....more snow is on it's way tomorrow. That's right, more snow! So glad I have no place to go for the next two days. Let the snowplows and the snowmobiles enjoy the snow. I'll be warm and cozy in my sewing room!


Cath said...

Hope your son gets better soon. Stay warm and safe . XXX

Marie said...

more snow = more time to sew!

Crispy said...

We are getting more snow as I type....sigh :0(

I hope your boy gets well VERY soon!!


Needled Mom said...

I heard that you guys were going to get more snow followed by some really cold temps. Brr.

Pneumonia? Oh dear, I do hope he feels better soon. That stuff is nasty and this is a bad time of the year to get it.

Pat said...

I'm hoping your son follows doctor's orders completely and gets completely well as soon as possible!

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