Thursday, December 30

Pumpkin Muffins gone wrong.....but they taste right!

Not everything turns out quite right even when we start with the best of intentions. My intention on Christmas Eve was to make some pumpkin muffins in this pretty pan......... My son, Devlin, gave me this awesome pan for Christmas in 2006, the year we moved out here to Henderson. I never seemed to remember to use the pan and yet I was the one who suggested it to him. Naughty momma. :-) So, I was determined to use the pan this year and make some cutely shaped stars, wreaths and poinsettia cakes that I could decorate. I had a package of Betty Crocker pumpkin cookie mix and I decided I would follow the alternate recipe for pumpkin bars. I figured bars are like cake and I could pour the batter into the shapes in the pan. I did just that. I poured batter in the wreaths, the stars, etc. Guess what?..............As you can see by the photo above, I poured too much batter into the stars, wreaths, etc. However, the pan is such an awesome pan, that all I had to do, was turn it over..........
and all the shapes fell out really easily. Only problem was that the shapes were not quite identifiable as stars, wreaths, etc.
Betty Crocker came to my assistance with her canned frosting. I opened it up, stirred it and then melted some in the microwave. I drizzled it over the muffins/cakes and look............
they look delicious and they were!! The flat edge that formed on each cake was kind of crispy while the cake mound was soft and the frosting added just the right touch. I should bake more of these. Even my husband liked them and he does not like pumpkin flavored foods! :-)
I have always loved to bake and am pretty good at baking cookies. You may remember that at Thanksgiving daughter, Collette, came over and baked cookies here that were for her staff at work. She even mixed up some cookies for me to give to friends. I'm really glad she did that because she got ideas for Christmas gifts while she was here. I had already suggested that a good Christmas gift for me would be two new cookie sheets and that's exactly what they (Daryl, Jacob and Collette) got me. But.......she saw the condition of my measuring cups, spoons, and spatula and bought me all new ones!!! Plus, I didn't have a cookie dough scoop, so she got me one of those, too (great for melon balls in the summer, if it ever comes again!). So, I am getting ready to try these out and see what cookie recipe I will bake up with good intentions and how it might not turn out like I think it will. Happens to me all the time, but they always taste good and disappear quickly, so in the's all right. :-)
On the quilty front........I sorted and untangled my spools of thread. I made another mug rug. :-) Stitching and organizing one day at a time. :-)
Have a great day!


Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Great gifts you received from your family...its always good to get what you really need. Happy New Year. Trish

Cindy said...

I'd be glad to test one of those pumpkin delights, Sandi.

Would love to see your new Mug Rug.

And, have to say, I "finally" have you back on my "fav" blogs - don't know why so many of them were deleted by Blogger - BUT - I am getting them back, slowly.

Pat said...

The taste is what's important, BUT...if you ever succeed in getting anything to come out of that fancy pan LOOKING the way it's intended, please be sure to show us, okay? Wonderful that you got all new baking stuff, too.

Crispy said...

Ha, you bake like I do, things don't always come out right. This is why I would rather cook a 7 course meal than a batch of cookies LOL. I think your family wants you to do more baking :0)


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

ha, ha, glad that the muffins tasted good! Guess we learn from these little mistakes :-)

Needled Mom said...

Every time I go to a bridal shower I say that they should give us another one after all these years of marriage so we could update our kitchen equipment. Ha!! They have such great kitchen gadgets these days and they are sll so clean and sparkly!!!

The muffins look delicious!

Beth said...

The pumpkin muffins look really yummy even if they don't look like you expected them to.
Nice new kitchen stuff! New stuff always makes me want to get in there and make something.

Kaye said...

Collette must get her thoughtfulness from you. Great gift for a great Lady. Happy New Year

Sarahie said...

Hi! I am a new follower of your blog from 12 crafts till Christmas. I am so excited to have found your blog. You have so many cute ideas! I have been wanting to try quilting for a while and I think your blog can give me some inspiration/motivation.

I read this post and have to say it made me smile! That is exactly the kind of thing that would happen to me. But at least they taste good, right? Nothing else really matters. Thanks for the smile!

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