Wednesday, December 1

Is it really December 1st?

I really do not know where the month of November went. I feel like I am missing at least a week's worth of time! LOL! I know that I am not the only one feeling this way!!
Today, I took my time and set up my tree. More on that in a minute. Wanted to tell you about an evening event you might enjoy attending for those of you that read my blog locally. See this pretty creche scene below........
It's one I made in 1971. I shared it with my friend, Joanie for the annual CrecheFest that will be at Centennial Lutheran Church in Henderson this Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. I set this one up under the tree that Joanie had decorated. I always put the manger and figures under my tree once it's decorated. I also shared a large ceramic creche scene that my mother gave me this past summer. There will be many others who will share their manger scenes for all of us to enjoy. Plus there will be wonderful Christmas music by Jeffrey Burkhart and goodies for all when the program is over! I'll be there and hope to see some of you, too!
Time slipped away from me and I almost forgot to show you the goodies I won over at Michele's QuiltingGallery. ................
This was the prize package that Michele offered during the Fall into Fall giveaway. Time slipped away from her, too, and she forgot to announce her winner until a week or so after the event ended. I didn't mind at all. I was so happy to win and to know that someone else had time slip away, too! LOL! Those are hand-dyed cottons and I have a plan for them. :-) The package arrived when my daughter was here this past weekend and she thought my friend, Connie, would really like them so I might have to share. :-) I had not read an issue of the new Quilting Life magazine and was very glad to receive a copy. Michele also included the issue of Quilter's Connection, a Canadian quilting magazine. I enjoyed reading it, too!
Since today is December 1st, this should be the first day of my posts about Christmas projects, memories, etc. I decided to set up a seperate blog for this. I have some plans for future projects and so if you go click here you will find yourself at my Christmasy blog......."Christmas Love and Joy". And that's where you'll see that I set up my tree yesterday. Notice that I did not say it was decorated. :-)
Okay, time's up for this post. See ya all tomorrow!


Pat said...

I think I didn't know you'd won that prize package...or the memory of it escaped my too-busy brain! Congrats as it looks like a wonderful package!!!

Crispy said...

Oooo a lovely win!! The program sounds wonderful. We will be attending a Christmas program in a small church out on the prairie, I can hardly wait :0)


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