Wednesday, September 15

Heritage Days .... back to the 60's!

"Only you, can make this dream come true........."
Do you remember the group that sang those lyrics, sang that song? I sure do. It was The Platters. They sang other favorites.........The Great Pretender, Twilight Time, My Prayer and more. This is Sonny Bryant who sang with The Platters from 1969 to the 80's. He's performing on the patio outside Toody's Sweets as part of Henderson's Heritage Days celebration. He sang many of those favorites and it was awesome!Every year, a different decade is chosen for the theme for Heritage Days and this year it was the 1960's. I graduated from high school in 1967. I know the 60's well. I loved everything about growing up in the 60's and the 50's, and especially the music. At the dime store (Woolworth's) my sister and I would sort through the bin of 45's (you know, those little records that my grandson once called "a big CD") and hope to find a copy of one of the latest songs playing on the radio. When I hear certain songs now, they can take me back and I am there at the skating rink or in the high school gym at a "sock hop". Do high school kids today even know what a "sock hop" is? I'll bet some of you remember....... ah, yes....just to be asked to dance by that certain guy could make your whole evening. Oh, and when he about nervous!! LOL! I was not a very good dancer. I love music, love to sing, but I can only dance "in my mind". However, at the skating rink, it was a different story. There was nothing quite like gliding across the floor to "Only You" by The Platters or "Blue Velvet" by Bobby Vinton. Lights were turned low and the guy of your dreams would put his arm around your waist and he took your hand and you'd glide out on the floor. And when the slow song was over and the lights went up and they played "The Yellow Rose of Texas", we clapped our hands, stamped our skates with the beat and flew around the rink as fast as our skates would take us......and hope we didn't fall. I remember "Blue Moon" by The Drifters, too, and can see certain couples who could really "dance on skates" to that one. Oh, yeah, music brings it all back.
When Sonny took a break from singing, I decided to stroll up Main Street and see what was happening. I love classic cars. I want this cherry red coupe in my stocking for Christmas. :-)
There were food and craft vendors and so I had to buy some homemade chocolate chip cookies.....yep, had to. :-)
My favorite booth was this one........
I enjoyed visiting with Alex Stork about his work. He combines traditional photography with a bit of photo "magic". The one that really caught my eye was that butterfly photo. Here's a closer look at it (sorry for the reflection of the opposite booth in the glass)........

I'll admit, at first I wondered how he got those butterflies to sit so perfectly. Then I remembered that my son knows that my picture is posted next to the word "gullible" in the dictionary and I thought.....oh, Sandi, get real, it's "photo magic". LOL!
I headed back down Main Street to Toody's for more music and more car pics. Maybe the red Mustang should be in my Christmas stocking......... Cars also make me think of the 60's and, of course, there are songs about cars....Little Deuce Coupe and "409" by The Beachboys. Oh, yeah. :-)
I got my driver's license in 1965. From the time I was 16 until I was 19, I had five cars that would be "classics" today. And no, I did not crash or trash the cars! My dad and brother liked to work on cars so they were always buying something and fixing it up, then I'd have it for awhile and they'd look for another one. The "classics" that I had then and I wish I had today were ....... a pink and white '56 Plymouth, a red and white '58 Pontiac hardtop, a green four door '57 Chevy, and a fabulous '58 Chevy BelAir that was blue with a white hardtop and the big engine, a 348, I think it was. My dad decided I shouldn't have that one after he caught me speeding. The last "classic" I had before I got married was a car but it was no "classic". I would never speed was a black 4-door Comet that belched black smoke because it used too much oil. It was referred to as the "Blue Bomber". Oh, those were the days. :-)
Going "back to the 60's" was easy for me!! But now.........back to Sonny .......and here he is singing to Christy (I think that was her name). He's a great singer and really interacts with the crowd.
In fact, he decided to perform extra long because the crowd was enjoying the music so much. Now that's an entertainer!! A little birdie said that he might be back for Heritage Days next year. Sure hope so.....I'll be there for sure.
One last thought on the 60's........I remember having to read the book "1984" for an English class. We thought that was so far in the future. Good grief, that was nothing! It's 2010! Time flies too fast! Aren't we lucky, though, to be able to enjoy those memories of good times? Even some of the "not so good" times look rosier as the years pass by. :-)
That's all the time I have for this post. It's back to quilting projects tomorrow. I have a "sneak peek" of a fun project that I've been working on and will share a photo with you all. Back soon......


Kaye said...

OMG Sandi, you brought back so many memories. When I was a asenior in HS (1955) we were a featured school on Ted Steeles Teen Bandstand, which was NY's answer to Dick Clark and his Philly gang. What a thrill to dance on Television! I thought I was sooo cool. LOL. No pictures though, sure wish I had a couple. We had a wonderful time to grow up in, they sure were The Good Old Days

Pat said...

It looks like you had great weather for Henderson Days. Thanks for sharing your pictures AND your memories of the 60's. That was my "era", too!!!

annemarie said...

Great memories Sandi - I graduated in 1965 and remember soc hops, roller rinks and everything else you mentioned. Those were really the good days and I treasure everyone of them. Henderson sounds like a town I would just love to live in.

Pat said...

OOPS...I meant Heritage Days and not Henderson Days! lol

Needled Mom said...

I can soooo relate to this post. I love the music of the 50-60s. forgot to mention the "Lit'l Nash Rambler"!!! I always wanted that Jag XKE.

That must have been a fun event to attend. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Gari said...

Last year my husband got tickes to a Platter's concert. The hall was filled with gray hair and stiff bones but the group was wonderful and the audience was great. We all were transported back to bobbysocks, dances, and great (clean) rock & roll. What a wonderful evening it was!

Beth said...

I love all of that 60's music. I graduated in '72 but grew up with all the 60's tunes. Skated at the roller rink all through high school. So much fun.
Thanks for sharing your day and the memories.
P.S. Take the mustang!

Crispy said...

Oh yes, I remember those songs well :0) We had "dances" at both the skating rink and ice skating rink.....what a lot of fun those were.


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