Monday, September 27

"What's on the line?"

Some of you are looking at this and thinking......I've seen this quilt before..........
And you have! I featured it a couple of times and most recently in this post. Just click on...... vintage*quilt ........ and you can read the story behind the quilt.
As I was assembling items to take to our retreat at Villa Maria, I decided I would take this quilt along since I received it as a gift from Carol at the Villa. She handles all the lodging arrangements for guests. I had this plan that I would take her quilt out and hang it on a clothesline or a tree branch. But then Friday dawned rainy and windy so there was no picture taking that day. Saturday was not very sunny but I did squeak out of the sewing room for a quick walk outside with my daughter and snapped a few pictures of a really beautiful tree that you'll get to see later this week. The sun that greeted us on Sunday morning was almost blinding, but it was awesome. It made for great picture taking for our group photo, Carol's quilt, and lots of pictures of trees and Lake Pepin, too. I would love to begin sharing those photos but I have a "glitch". Last weekend when I had all that computer trouble, my husband changed how I access and then download photos. I can get at photos I've taken in the past but something's not quite right as I can't download photos from my camera. Soooooooooo, that's why you are seeing that photo above for another time! I'll have to get his help after he gets home from work on Tuesday evening. I don't think he'd appreciate it if I woke him for help right now.
Today didn't go like I thought it dog has allergy issues again and needs frequent TLC. I was on the phone alot today and that's mom, my neighbor (Hi Kathy), my daughter......all caught up with everyone. Also caught up with most e-mails. Can't say the same for the laundry and there is still some retreat stuff left in my car.
Late this afternoon, I did a "milk run" and while I was downtown, I checked out the water levels on the Minnesota River that runs along the east end of Henderson. It is very high and when the photos are loaded, I'll share pics of just where the water is that it shouldn't be. The rain that is causing this flooding happened last Thursday. It fell in southwest/southcentral Minnesota towns and filled creeks and streams. These in turn flowed into the Minnesota River and now the water is higher than it was during the winter snow melt flooding that occurred at the end of March! I'm going to check out the water levels again tomorrow as it has not reached it's crest here in Henderson, yet.
I'll be back again with a post on Wednesday morning. See ya then!
The winner of the extra goodie bag from my retreat is Nancy/Stitched with Prayer. She has sent me her address and her goodie bag will go in the mail at the end of this week. She left this lovely comment....... We visited our favorite Fall location just yesterday afternoon. We drove the 15 minutes from our house up to Snow Basin Loop, a road that takes you to Snow Basin Ski Resort here in Utah. *Some of the 2002 Winter Olympic Events were there* But there is a little two lane road that just loops down into the mountains and up onto the mountain tops giveing you a wonderful panoramic view of the Fall foliage. It is not quite at it's peak in color yet but very close and the drive was breathtakingly beautiful. We have driven it every year for as long as I can remember. Have a wonderful time at your Retreat!


Pat said...

Congrats to Nancy. I hope your photo issues are resolved I'm anxious to see photos from the retreat. Hopefully, there won't be any further rain to cause any further flooding problems.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Sandi, as I told you, I am just so tickled and excited to be the lucky winner of the 'goody bag'. Thank you again, so very much and a big thank you to your "random number man" for pulling my name out of the mix!

I was looking at this beautiful vintage quilt and thinking how easy we quilters have it today. We have so many wonderful tools to make our quilting much easier than those amazing women of an earlier time, when every piece was scissor cut, every stitch by hand and the items of clothing and the bits of extra 'store bought' fabrics collected until to make these wonderful quilts. Another thought was that most of the vintage quilts were large as they were made to be used on beds. I can't help but wonder what some of these great ladies would think if they dropped by our homes today and saw all the 'little quilts' we make simply to decorate, or if they got a glimps of our sewing areas. Putting all these factors together makes their quilts even more beautiful in my eyes.

I know there are many ladies that still make their quilts completely by hand and it just takes my breath away. Even if I had full use of my hands, I would still use all my wonderful quilting notions and tools that make the process so easy. Thank you for sharing the vintage quilts. I always visualize the ladies around the quilting frame working together to finish these beautiful pieces. Amazing!

Okay, well I got off to a windy start didn't I? LOL...I can't wait to see your retreat photos and hear about all the fun goings on!

Thanks again, so very much for the giveaway. I will also be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for some relief frommthe flooding in your area. Big Hugs...

Crispy said...

Bob and I drove into Bismarck yesterday and noticed how high the Missouri River is...much higher than I have ever seen it in September. I hope things settle down before winter hits!!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I've been thinking about you and where you were on retreat plus where you live hoping the rain/flooding was not affecting you! Whew! Stay safe.

Love Of Quilts said...

Pretty quilt....congrats to your winner...glad yor safe from the flooding..its so sad to hear about this happening to peoples homes. God Bless Trish

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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