Friday, May 14

Something totally different!

That's right, this post has nothing to do with fabric but I will share something creative. I made this necklace and earrings for my sister, Judy, for her birthday.....................

I sent it off to her a couple of weeks ago and as I was preparing to mail it my husband asked what I was sending to her. I said it was a necklace that I'd made for her birthday and he said "oh, when is her birthday?" The answer.......March. Oops! He thought maybe I was a little late but actually my sister and I frequently send each other gifts "after the occasion" so I knew she wouldn't mind. :-) And she didn't! She liked the necklace and I knew she would because when I saw the beads, I thought of her right away and had to buy them. I strung the beads in two strands so that she can choose to wear one or both of the necklaces. :-)
Interestingly, I've never taken a quilting or stitchery class as my mother taught me to sew and the rest I learned from books, friends and quilting shows on TV (think Georgia Bonesteel, then Alex Anderson on Simply Quilts). I did try rughooking and I failed miserably but I had always wanted to learn how to make jewelry so I took a beginning jewelry making class and loved it. That was several years ago and at the time, I was teaching a number of classes in making things with Fimo and Sculpey clays, especially jewelry. I wanted to make more professional looking pieces and the class taught me what I needed to know. And then I bought a really good book titled "The Book of Beads: A Practical and Inspirational Guide to Beads and Jewelry Making (you'll find it here). I've made bracelets and earrings for me and for my daughter and, of course, I have a box full of beads and findings so that I can make more. :-) I only do it when I need to do "something totally different" as I find it very relaxing when I'm stringing the beads. Takes me back to the days of pop-beads and playing dress-up at Grandma Goldie's house. :-)
If you have never taken a beadwork class, give it a try. It's really fun and you, too, can make gifts that are mailed "after the occasion". LOL!
Have a good Friday!

And just in case you're wondering.....I cleaned the left side of my desk. It was easy. I just put the stack of papers in the pile on the floor next to my desk. :-)


Pat said...

LOVELY set you made for Judy! I cannot believe you failed at rug-hooking as you seem able to master anything you try!!! I love your method of cleaning off the rest of the desk, too....I use that method frequently. LOL

joanne lendaro said...

Very nice necklace, love the colors that you picked. New hobby?? The beads will take up less room than!!

Needled Mom said...

Love the cleaning method!

Your sister's birthday gift is just gorgeous. I am sure she loves it.

Owl Lady said...

The necklace and earrings are beautiful. I am sure that Judy will enjoy them. I have taken a few beading/jewelry classes. I have trouble crimping because of my arthritis.
I use that cleaning method also. Its companion method is putting one stack on top of another.

Crispy said...

My DIL and her mother both make the most beautiful jewelry. I sure wish I could wear it (must be 18k cuz of my allergy). Every once in a while I "play" in my DIL's jewelry box :0)


Barb said...

What a lovely necklace...she will love it....

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Lovely necklace and earrings...I can see why she would be pleased..I would have been to.
Sounds like the way I clean my desk
off...and its needong it right now. God Bless Trish

Nihal said...

-->I've made bracelets and earrings for me and for my daughter and, of course, I have a box full of beads and findings so that I can make more. :-)

Oh my, Sandi, we both share the same hobby: beadwork and jewelery design for our loved ones:) I'm so very happy that you share your set here. Very very gorgeous! Believe me I'm very surprised, because I was thinking you are only in patchwork, lol:)

As for myself, I did not take any class. My creativity flows every time, and I like to improve my skills by myself reading jewelery books. I mostly design with inspiration from deep side of me:)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this set! Never stop Sandi. You give a light for your upcoming works, I just felt it right now:)

prashant said...

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