Sunday, May 2

Blowin' in the wind!

The wind was so strong today that I was almost blown away!! Well, almost. :-) As I drove to the church this morning, I was surprised by the strong gusts of wind that almost seemed to grab my car!. And I was even more surprised that when the program was over, the wind was even stronger. I thought we might be blown away or a quilt might be whipped out of a basket and blown across the cornfield never to be seen again! I had lots of help loading and that didn't happen. :-)

In spite of the wind that blew outside, the ladies of Trinity served up a wonderful brunch. It was worthy of a photo ...... several varieties of egg-bakes, fresh fruit on skewers and creamy sweet dip for them, muffins, juice and coffee. I was hungry and thoughts of picture taking went out the window when I saw what was on my plate. :-) I enjoyed meeting so many new people, especially Melissa who played the piano and her mother. It was just a lovely event.

I took this photo before I saw the food. I arrived early enough to set up all my quilts and penny rugs, plus for this program I brought more of my miniature gift boxes.

While I made my first quilt in 1970 for our daughter, I didn't make another quilt until 1976 for our son, and the next ones were done until the 1980's. That's because I put all my creative energies into miniature making from the early 70' through the late 1990's. Once both my kids were grown and gone, I really went back to quilting in a big way but folks always enjoy seeing the little miniature items that I've made. I fashioned them from clay, bits of jewelry, upholstered chairs from cardboard, all sorts of odds and ends that become something useful! The ladies in the photo below are studying a little clay Jack-o-Lantern scene.

All of my miniatures and dolls have a connection to the family quilts I own and the newer ones that I have made. It's all part of the story that I share in my programs. One day maybe it will all be in a book. Ya never know. :-)
These ladies are studying a floral applique quilt that is always a favorite. I have yet to discover a pattern for it in any vintage quilt pattern booklet. It's owner and maker, Delores, called it "Hearts and Flowers". If you seen or know of this quilt block, I'd love it if you would e-mail me.

Once again, I enjoyed sharing my quilts and stories. Each time I present my program, I think I get better at it. I mentioned afterwards that I thought it needs more "polish" but one lady said she thinks it's just right and it was "wonderful". It made my day. :-)

Now onto something totally different.......

I was heading home and as I was driving down the hill into Henderson, I see flashing red lights on a police car parked in the middle of main street and an officer directing in ...... lots and lots of motorcycle traffic!

There were motorcycles and riders all up and down Main Street! I had to stop at the grocery store for bread and several cyclists were there so I asked what the purpose was of this ride. .......because there were so many cycles that they had to be on some sort of mission.

Sure enough.........the mission was the annual MS fundraiser ......the CarverFunRun . The little town of Carver is north of Henderson and the riders drive down a route that is known as "the ScenicByway".......and that it is! The road winds and curves along the river, up and down hills, past beautiful banks of's just plain scenic!! That's part of what I like about living out here. I love the river......the sunsets......the cornfields......the people.......everything about living in a small town. :-)

I don't usually post to my blog on Sundays, and in fact, I'm trying not to blog on weekends at all. I need time away from the computer! However, I just had to post yesterday and again today because when I'm having fun, I love to share so that you can enjoy it, too. Here's to a lovely Sunday for you, wherever you are! Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

I wish I had been at the church for this event! There were such lovely things to see! No more procrastinating now, I predict a book in your near future so the rest of us who can't get to a presentation can enjoy your story!

Crispy said...

Yep, a book would be a good thing. You write and I'll buy it :o)

Hey Sandi, if you send me a close up picture of the block from the floral applique quilt and the size block you would like, I might be able to reproduce it in EQ for you :o)


Sam said...

Hi Sandi, I was sure every motorcycle in the country was in Los Angeles yesterday. Guess they were making their way over to you! love Sam

Beth said...

Great photos. I used to do dollhouses and furniture for them. My favorite was a Santa house I did. I made some things from fimo clay for that.It was a lot of fun. Sadly some mice got into Santa's house while it was in the garage off season. I had to get rid of it. I still have a few pieces but all the houses are gone now.

Would love to see you write that book too. I'llk buy it.

Pat said...

I so wish I could see you do that program. I also wish I could see your mini's. I have seen photos of them and am totally amazed by them. I'd love to buy one but I never see anyplace that sells I guess they are too labor-intensive for the makers to part with them!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Very windy here today also..glad you didn't get blown away...lovely quilts who is the book by '' Hearts and Flowers''.I'll be looking for it.Trish

Needled Mom said...

Your church event sound like such fun. I know everyone enjoyed it.

Those motorcycle rallies are something else. We ended up in Sturgis SD a couple of times when they were there and it is amazing!!! Last week when we were heading to Las Vegas we also saw thousands of cycles when we drove one stretch of highway. They had apparently had a rally on the border and they were returning home.

Barb said...

I am glad you had a fun day yesterday and was not carried away in the wind. I would have loved to hear you presentation. Everything looked wonderful.

Owl Lady said...

The tutorials that you have written and photographed for your blog would make a great beginning for a book. Plus you have so many embroidery and applique designs as well. Then there are penny rugs and dying wool. Maybe a section about teaching crafts to your children and to your grandson Jacob. You could also do a chapter about using your skills to benefit the community, such as your classes and charity projects. You know enough to write books on any of these subjects! Go for it, girl!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You always do the most fun stuff. Your events are amazing. The motor cycles look great in your town. Fun. I have found for me not blogging on the weekends and making 3-4 posts a week is plenty. More than that I can't handle.

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