Tuesday, March 23

Are you ready to hop?!!

It's getting close to time to go "hoppin' down that bunny trail" and a visit to a lot of "Good Eggs". This little bunny is ready to go and is patiently waiting for me to share the list of all the bloggers that will participate in the hop.

I'll be back shortly to add that list right here and then you can see who you will want to visit in the next few days! ............

And here it is.............

A Corgi to Quilt By

A Legacy of Stitches

A Little of This and a Little of Pat

Art by Gene Black

Bejeweled Quilts

Cathron Country
Cherry Pie

Cleary's Haven

Cootie Bug 2


Dancing Thru Threads

Debi Quilts

Featherstone Quiltworks

Hooked on Needles

Juliet's Bears

Krpe & Zakrpe

My Quilting Room

Nana B Follows Nana T

Needled Mom

Nomes's Brag-a-Long

Oodles of Noodles

Pat Sloan

Pat's Pattering

Patches and Pieces

Poems My Way

Polka Dot Pineapple

Red Geranium Cottage

Splitting Stitches


The Noble Wife

That's the complete list. Each blog is unique and has a little something special to share so please visit all of them as you never know what you may find or who you may meet!!! The "hop" does not begin until tomorrow, Wednesday, March 24th so check back after 6:00 a.m. CST and you will find the LIVE link to the site where you can link to all the blogs listed above. It will be great fun I'm sure, so please stop back then!!

Till then, have a good night and sweet dreams of "hoppin' down that bunny trail"!!



Maggey and Jim said...

Will be looking forward to it..

Debi said...

My blog post is ready to be posted with my giveaway tomorrow morning. Thanks for doing this!

Gene Black said...

Sandi, will this list be "linked" so they can come here and click on them?

My post is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Kaye said...

Looks like you all had a great retreat. I'm all set for the Hopping Bunny, we should have some fun!!!!

Pat said...

I'm ready, too. My post will appear early tomorrow morning on my blog!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

It's going to be fun Sandi!! I've got my goodies ready to go to a great home.
Thanks for including me.

Pam in Texas said...

How fun! What a great idea! Wish that I had found it sooner so that I could participate...maybe next time!

bulldogs said...

Dear Sandi! What a beautiful basket full of goodies! I have just recently discovered the world of blogging quilters and I must say I am SO glad I have! What a wonderful community brought together by the internet. Shannon Linde :)

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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