Monday, March 15

Winner of the Long-Legged Bunny is.......

......... Barb at A*Corgi*to*Quilt*By !!!! Yes, Barb is going to get this long-legged bunny and his armload of Jelly Beans in tasty flavors of Lemonade, Key Lime Pie, and Berry Smooth. Now some of you may remember that if the winner correctly guessed the name of the long-legged bunny, that they would also receive some really good chocolate. Well, Barb didn't have the correct name for the bunny although in her comment she did come up with the most appropriate name as she wrote....... "I love your bunny .... and the jelly beans are my favorites... and my guess for your bunny's name is "Long Legs". " Yep, that was a very good name but the bunny's name is "Pinky" and only one reader got that right. It was Mary Grace at Hooked*On*Needles !!! She picked up on those pink ears right away and that was what did it for me, too. I bought the first bunny at the Dollar Store so I decided she needed some "bunny love", too, and decided I'd part with another buck and treat Mary Grace to a bunny, too. And when she sends me her favorite chocolate, I'll get Pinky in the mail to her and send "Long Legs" - who has been rechristened with that new name - off to Barb.
This little giveaway was just a teaser for the upcoming "Good Eggs Giveaway" and our "Hop down the Bunny Trail". This is the last day to join this blog hop so if you are a blogger that would like to share a little something springy in a giveaway, go here for the details. I need to receive an e-mail by the end of this day so that I can prepare the final list of blogs that you all can "hop to" and visit next week. It's going to be sooooo much fun!


Pat said...

And I was "Price Waterhouse" to keep Sandi honest as I knew the name of the bunny from the beginning!!! hehehe Congrats to the winners!!!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

How fun! Thanks so much Sandi! Pinky will have a good home here! And of course chocolate, Hershey's Milk in particular, will be a very welcome treat!

Looking forward to the Good Egg giveaway starting! You are a Good Egg, that's for sure!


Owl Lady said...

Congratulations to the winners!

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