Saturday, October 3

Over the river and through the woods........

That's what I did on Thursday. Drove over the river, headed east and then was headed south to Iowa. Then there was a detour, so I took a winding road southeast and finally ended up on 35W south which would take me to Clear Lake, Iowa. It was raining and that was okay, but then I hit a nine-mile stretch of freeway construction that narrowed to two tight lanes and, of course, the rain just poured down then!!! Everyone was being careful. Really! The rain steadied off for a time and then it began again in earnest just about the time I reached Clear Lake. I needed to turn there to go east to Mason City. My reason for the visit was to speak at the Clear Lake Quilt Guild but I would be staying with my friend, Sue, who lives in Mason City. I arrived at her house in light rain but not long after that, it began to rain buckets. Really! Well, not really but it rained really hard and I was glad I was safely at her house and not on the road anymore. We had a good visit and then enjoyed a delicious lasagne for dinner. Then it was time to drive over to Clear Lake for the Quilt Guild meeting. Oh, what a lovely group of ladies and so talented. I have pictures to show you but have been busy since I got home and they will have to come tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know I'm still here. In addition to posting photos, I'll be posting the blocks for my Seasons BOM. See you sometime Sunday evening!
Have a warm and relaxing Sunday!


Micki said...

It sounds like you are getting the weather that we have here in Donegal.

Crispy said...

Nothing worse than having to drive trough construction in heavy rain, it's bad enough when it isn't. I glad you arrived safely and look forward to pictures.


Pat said...

I, too, am glad it was a safe trip for you. I'm sure the pictures will be lots of fun to see!

W. Latane Barton said...

Glad you are safe. Sounds like you had quite a struggle getting over the river and through the woods. No snow, just rain.

Karen said...

The title of your post makes me think of Thanksgiving.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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