Tuesday, October 6

October blocks are here!

I love October! You already know I love Fall so it was easy to do the designs for this month. Some of you may not want a Jack-O-Lantern, so all you have to do is skip the eyes, nose and mouth and add a pumpkin vine and more leaves and you'll have a Fall pumpkin design!

When it came to the design for the Snowman for this month, all I did was recall my daughter and all the times that she dressed up as a witch when she was a little girl. And when she was really little, she was a black cat at Halloween. All I did was add ears and a tail to the little black fur coat and snowpants that I had sewn for her (this was the early 70's).

If you don't want a "Snow Witch", try this........... use another hat design from a past pattern, turn the broom into a rake, use plaid for the cape, add some swirling leaves around the cat, and skip the Jack-O-Lantern Trick-or-Treat container.
Hope you have fun with these designs! There are only two more to go! In case you want to get the designs finished before Christmas, I will post the November designs at the end of October and I'll post the December designs in mid-November. I've had a number of committments combined with some health issues that have made it a challenge to keep up sometimes but just watch my blog and you'll see them soon. My class/volunteer activities all wrap up at the end of October. I will be taking those first weeks in November to finalize my block lay-out and share the info with you when I post in mid November. At that time, I will also have a preview of the blocks that I'll share in 2010!
It's been a rainy day here in Minnesota, positively excellent weather if you were a duck! This weekend, the weatherman says there could be a few snowflakes! Yikes! My beautiful fall weather has been hi-jacked by Mother Nature!!!
That's all for tonight. I'll be back next post with more of those Round Robin projects from the Clear Lake Quilt Guild. I think I'd like to try a Round Robin someday. Hmmmmm, just checked my "to do" list and I think I can get to it in 2015. hee hee hee!
Have a good day!

Just a reminder........If you want pdf files of the above pattern pages, you'll need to join my Yahoo group. Just click on the Snowman button on my sidebar and click on "Join this group".


Rachel said...

Sandi - these blocks are great! I cannot wait to make that jack o'lantern!

Thanks again for sharing your talents with us. ☺

Eila said...

Beautiful blocks!

Crispy said...

I praying you don't get snow like we did yesterday. Summer was so short and cool that I think it was actually fall LOL.


quiltingnana said...

great pumpkin

blushing rose said...

They pumpkin is darling, Sandi. Wish I could sew, TTFN ~Marydon

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