Monday, June 15

Snuggling down with a Quibble™......Part 3

At the end of Part 2, you have almost finished your "quilt". There are several ways to stitch this "quilt" together. The first would be to do a meandering machine quilt stitch on the "quilt". The second choice might be to "tie" the quilt with yarn or Perle cotton. You can add the ties in the center of the large rectangles or at intersections of the rectangles. When I tie with yarn, I use a soft cotton yarn or poly and my final choice usually has to do with getting the right color match. When I "tie" with Perle cotton, I make my ties only at the intersections of the pieces and I keep the Perle cotton long enough that I can insert the needle into the fabric and bring it up a couple of inches away, so that the thread is hidden in the seam of the flannel. I may have to take some photos for that to make sense.

The third option is to hand-stitch the "quilt". You can do it with regular quilting stitches or you can try the method in the photo above. My friend, Denise, introduced me to "chunky quilting" which is done with Perle cotton. She had done it on a beautiful Log Cabin quilt and I used it on a scrappy quilt I made. I like the look a lot!

Prior to stitching, I just took straight pins and marked out random curvy lines, five of them to be exact. And then I hand-stitched it in less than an hour!

In the photo above, you can see how it looks on the back.

To add a special touch, I added the baby's birthdate to one corner and in the upper corner I stitched his name. You probably can't see it, but I stitched my initials in blue on the small blue print in the lower corner.
And when it was all done, I took the quilt out to my "quilt-line" to take a picture. I loved the bright colors which colors and it just looks like a quilt a little boy can drag from room to room in search of a puppy or a favorite toy or mom and dad and a good book. :-)

So there you have it, you've made a Quibble™. Give this small one away and then make a big one for you. Even us grown-ups need to snuggle down with a good book!!


Pat said...

Thanks for the Quibble lessons! I really like the idea of how soft and pliable it is.

Owl Lady said...

I plan to make about a half dozen of these for Christmas gifts. I have already chosen something for the preschool crowd which involves a snuggle blanket and a stuffed animal pillow. These will be better for the grade school crowd, especially if I can choose the right prints.

Thank you for a great suggestion.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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