Friday, May 8

Seasons of the Heart BOM Info

Dear Blogging Friends, Followers and Block of the Month Collectors,
As noted, I am going to make a change in how I offer my Seasons of the Heart BOM patterns. I have set up a Yahoo group where all the PDF files will be posted each month and they will remain there throughout the coming year. If you wish to access these PDF files you will need to join that group. Go here - and click on join to become a part of the group. If you have questions, you can e-mail them to .
The response to my BOM was far more than I anticipated and by March I couldn't keep it organized any longer. Sorry for that but it got really confusing when requests came it to send previous files from January and February and pretty soon, I completely lost track of who I had sent what to!!! I offer this BOM because I love to design and enjoy sharing my patterns and seeing how others use their creativity to make these blocks.
There is no obligation for you in joining this group. It's free as are all Yahoo groups. I currently have another Yahoo group for my wool projects called Wooly Buddies and that works very well for posting patterns, exchanging ideas and getting to know others who enjoy working with wool. This group will work in a similar manner. Here is the information you will see if you decide to join the group........

All patterns that have been posted on my blog can be found as PDF files in the Files section of this group. Just look to the left and click on "Files" and you will see the folders for each month. I have not yet loaded the files for May as I am still working on the Snowman design. This group is for those who wish to collect the patterns for this series that I designed and you may be making the blocks now or plan to make them later. There's no pressure here to make the blocks. This group simply allows me an organized way to post the blocks as well as other patterns that I design and might want to share. A couple of items...... Each month I will have a drawing for a prize or two. There will be no swaps or exchanges in this group. There will be a challenge or two but it's all about making something for you or a family member or friend and just showing us pictures so we can see your creativity. Pictures posted must belong to you. No copyrighted materials may be posted without permission of the copyright holder. In this group forum, we can discuss techniques, exchange ideas and share what works for us and what doesn't. We can keep each other up-to-date on products and on local shops and quilt shows. Patterns that I share are copyrighted and are for your personal use only not for distribution to friends or other groups. You may make as many as you want of any pattern I post. Go for it! Just don't go into mass production! That's all the rules for now. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at . Thanks so much and I look forward to sharing lots of fun sewing and quilting time with all of you! Sandi

I hope that this option will work for all of you that want to receive the PDF files. I will still post a photo of the block design on my blog each month and jpg files of the pattern pages for those who are able to copy and save to their computers. I have a BOM that is ready to go for 2010, one for 2011 and one for 2012, so if you are looking for a long-term quilting relationship, you'll find it in my Seasons of the Heart BOM Yahoo group!!
Now, I am still working on the Snowman design for May and having a hard time coming up with something other than a melted pile of snow but it will come to me yet. There are two ideas floating around in my head and both involve having May and June blocks revolve around a theme of Mother's Day and Father's Day. I think that by Monday, I will have a Snowman design to share with you.
On Saturday, I will post the May Seasons of the Heart block which features a Hexagon design based on the one in the little runner/wall quilt I designed and made in 2000.

As a treat for joining, I will provide the pattern for this little quilt and will post it to the Seasons BOM group on May 16th.
I was going to post some more photos from the last two weeks adventures but dear old Kaiser has "upset my apple cart" as he is still having tummy trouble and I'm just plain tired! Imagine that! We got rain though, a lovely grass-growing rain and I enjoyed listening to the drops on the roof as I typed this evening. Life is good as a fellow blogger noted. Sometimes I complain but I shouldn't for I am blessed and yes, life is good!
Sleep tight tonight and don't let the bedbugs bite!
Sandi the Nightowl


Wendy said...

I not sure when I will get around to making these cute blocks. Maybe its the late hour, but I feel inspiration blowing in the wind! I've signed up for the yahoo group.

Pat said...

Heading over to join the new group now...see you there! :) (Thanks for all you do for all of us, too.)

West Michigan Quilter said...

I tried to join but after putting in the word verification 5 times and it telling me it was not correct I gave up. Help please.

pdudgeon said...

i love the idea of a momma and pappa snowman/snowwoman--it's perfect!!!

will check out the yahoo group as well.

Jacquelynne said...

What a cute little runner! So "vintage" looking!

Micki said...

It is a small world, I have found through blogging. I can see that you like hexagons too. It is lovely!

Crispy said...

I'm so happy you have found such a great solution for sharing your pretty designs Sandi. The volume of e-mails you had just boggled my mind!!


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