Sunday, April 26

A visit to Happy Joe's!

The past few days were really, really busy! Our son, Devlin and girlfriend, Stacia, came out for a visit and arrived Friday night. Devlin had a project he wanted help with and needed his "crafty momma" to help him. We got started on it that night and made our prototype. We were very pleased but I can't show you what we did until sometime in June and then I will post it as a tutorial. :-)
Stacia had the idea to go to Happy Joe's for lunch on Saturday and we would meet up with Collette (daughter), Daryl and Jacob. Great idea because it is really hard for all of us to get together now. Plus, I love pizza and especially a place where there is a pizza buffet!!! After our lunch, Jacob went in to play Skeet ball (or something like that) and then Grandpa gave him a lesson on how to get the ball in the holes for more points.

Jacob paid careful attention and you can see he's got just the hook needed to get that ball in there...........and yes, it was working! He got more points!!

Devlin and Stacia were playing some kind of pinball game and earning tickets that they gave to Jacob. I was new to this system but some of you probably know that you get tickets that you can redeem for prizes. Jacob is watching carefully as Stacia feeds the tickets into the ticket-eating machine. Jacob didn't spend his tickets that day but instead got a card that indicated how many were turned in and he can add more to it next time he visits. We all had a fun time and enjoyed the food and just getting caught up with each other!!!

We made a quick stop for some supplies for Devlin's project and Stacia picked up supplies for a class project she is working on. She is working on her Ph. D. at the Univ. of Minnesota and yes, the paper and chenille stems and colored foam pieces are all part of the project. I can't tell you what it is until after she takes it to her class.

This is Devlin working on the project we did together. Stacia is watching carefully as he drew up the final pattern template. We only had to tweek the prototype item just a bit. He has need for 15 of the items and he got them all cut out and I got started on my part which involved fabric and Heat 'n Bond lite fusible web. That's all I can tell you now as this has to be a surprise for the recipients and they will not get the items until early June.

One other thing kept me busy these past few was Kaiser. I'm not going to go into all the details but about three weeks ago he picked up some little bottle cap thing and started chewing on it and I couldn't get his mouth open to take it out. He kept chewing on it and eventually swallowed it. I told Steve what he did and he's eaten so many things that this was small in comparison. We forgot all about it. He started acting funny Thursday night, constantly wanting to go outside and eat grass which makes him throw up. And lo and behold, up came the bottle cap the next morning. He was acting pretty sick so we called the vet and he checked him out and gave him some Pepto Bismal and found no ill effects from the experience. He told Kaiser he probably should not eat "foreign objects"!! Kaiser was very subdued all weekend and slept most of the time. He was his old self by late this afternoon with nose in search of something to sniff or chew on!!
My last post was about CSN Rugs and their promotional offer. I think I have decided on the rug I'll choose. I'll e-mail the rep and will let you know after it's approved.
One last thing, my post the other day about frustration with blocks was because I simply do not do well when blocks involve triangles. And I seem to have an awful time with keeping my seams 1/4". I should probably buy a quarter inch foot for my sewing machine and I wouldn't have that problem anymore!!
That's all for now. We received much needed rain here and everything is turning green, green, green!!


Pat said...

Now...don't you know curiosity killed the cat? We have to wait TWO months to learn more about the project Devlin did with you this weekend??? LOL I'm glad you had such a nice weekend and glad Kaiser seems back to normal......but I doubt he'll listen to the vet about not eating foreign objects. a quarter-inch foot and you will wonder how you ever lived without it!!! Get the kind with the little lip on the right side...I LOVE mine!

Crispy said...

Wow you really have been busy. What a good mom to keep the kid's secrets...of course we are all dying to know what they are LOL.

We have a restaurant like that called Space Aliens. The visiting little ones just love the cruddy prizes they can win.

I bought a 1/4" foot for my featherweight. I learned to make sure that the fabric doesn't show on the right while sewing in order to get that scant 1/4". I'll have to see if I can find one with a lip like Pat discribed.


Needled Mom said...


There are too many things that we have to be curious about. June seems like a long ways off. I did see the rotary cutter and mat on the that a hint????

The pizza party sounded like the perfect place for everyone to get together. Isn't it nice to be able to store up tickets for the next visit?

I doubt that I would survive without my quarter foot. Another idea would be the universal Little Foot. They are super too.

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE Skeetball and i think i need that "get more points" lesson too! lol i am terrible at it! lol oh what FUN! i sure am looking forward to seeing this project in June!
i am soooo GLAD everything turned out ok with Kaiser too! :)
Thank you so much for ALL that you share! :) Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Owl Lady said...

I just ordered a 1/4" last week. When it arrives, you can be sure that I will be looking for "the little tip on the right side".
I am sure that you enjoyed your family dinner. We enjoy ours. Since our older daughter (now 32) left for college, we have experimented with getting everyone together. Before long, the weekend family meal proved to be the best. The time of day and the day can vary, but the only weekends that we don't meet for a meal are weekends when we will be together anyway with other relatives or friends.

Chookyblue...... said...

can't believe you don't have a 1/4 inch foot........

Kritta22 said...

You are soo busy!

I'm going to go take a nap! :)

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